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Active Learning Strategies in Physics: Promoting Student Engagement and Understanding

Active Learning Strategies in Physics: Promoting Student Engagement and Understanding
Juli 17, 2023 laskarui
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Active Learning Strategies in Physics: Promoting Student Engagement 

Active Learning Strategies in Physics: Promoting Student Engagement and Understanding is a strategy that can be chosen if you want to convey material better. When you want to improve the cognitive and social abilities of students, then you need learning strategies such as educational games.

Promoting Student Engagement and Understanding

1. Through Interactive Learning Media

Student engagement and increased understanding is one of the goals of interactive learning media in the form of learning videos. With learning video media, students will be assisted in understanding difficult concepts in a visual and attractive way.

Visual and interesting ways through understanding concepts allow students to replay the video if they have difficulty understanding the material presented. Learning videos also allow teachers to provide learning materials in a more structured and systematic manner.

Learning media is also used in the form of presentations or slide shows that form letters to present learning material more interesting and structured. Presentations and slideshows also allow students to learn in a more visual way thereby increasing understanding of the material presented.

Referring to the increasingly advanced technological era, interactive learning media is the right choice to increase student engagement in class. This media helps students to be more actively involved in the learning process, thereby increasing interest and understanding of the material being studied.

A teacher must definitely develop creativity in using interactive learning media, its function is to provide more effective and very enjoyable learning. In the learning process, increasing student involvement in class is the most important and primary thing.

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2. Steps to Increase Student Engagement

In increasing student engagement in class, teachers can rely on interactive learning media with steps to increase student engagement. Steps to increase student involvement through interactive learning media are as follows:

  • The first step is to involve students in the learning process, because teachers can choose learning media that are appropriate to the material being taught and the conditions of the students. An example is abstract material, because visual media such as videos or interesting images should be chosen. Meanwhile, more interactive audio such as podcasts can be used for more concrete material.
  • Teachers can also involve students actively in the learning process by providing opportunities to participate in discussions. Students can also complete group assignments given by the teachers to be actively involved.
  • Teachers can also provide an interactive learning environment so as to increase student involvement in class. Try to make the class more open and friendly for students to participate in discussions such as corner libraries.
  • Teachers can also utilize digital technology such as laptops as interactive learning media tools in class. Of course, teachers must be good at using digital technology so that it doesn’t become a distraction for their students when using it.
  • Providing positive feedback on student involvement in learning can also increase motivation to actively participate in learning. The feedback in question is positive feedback in the form of praise or rewards for good student involvement.

With these steps it is hoped that student involvement in learning will increase. So that the learning process is certainly more interactive and fun for students.

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Activities that Teachers Can Do for Successful Learning

1. Preparing Material

Increasing student involvement in class can also be done through interactive learning media by preparing interesting and relevant material. Interesting and relevant material is material that fits the needs of students. So the teacher really has to pay attention to the interests and needs so that the material presented attracts attention and motivates students to learn.

Teachers can also use varied and interesting interactive learning media such as video technology or learning applications. Learning applications certainly make it easier for students to understand the material and make them more active in the learning process.

2. Creating a Fun Class Atmosphere

The classroom atmosphere can also be more fun and conducive to being used as a place of learning. This is because teachers can introduce fun learning activities such as quizzes or educational games that hold students’ attention. Thus making the students become more active in the teaching and learning process.

Teachers can also provide opportunities for students to participate actively in the learning process. Mainly in giving opinions and discussions about the material presented.

Teachers can also provide effective feedback to students to build constructive and motivate them to learn. In addition, feedback is also needed to help students improve their academic abilities. With the existing steps, it is hoped that students will be more involved in class and increase student activity so that they can be more enthusiastic in the learning process.

In order for student involvement in learning to be supported, certain things are needed such as access to adequate technology. This is because a teacher must ensure that every student has access to technological devices such as smartphones or laptops. There should also be stable internet access in the classroom or at students’ homes to implement interactive learning.

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Teachers also have to choose learning content that is interesting and in accordance with the needs of students, especially in the field of physics. Interactive learning content is a simulation that makes students more interested and active in learning. Teachers and students must also work together in using interactive learning media and facilitate collaboration between students such as online discussion applications.

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