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Tips to Overcome Pre-Exam Anxiety

Tips to Overcome Pre-Exam Anxiety
Juni 12, 2024 laskarui
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The causes of anxiety before an exam are very diverse, one of which is worry about not being able to do the exam questions well and fear of failure. The following are tips for dealing with anxiety before the exam, so that you don’t feel disturbed and can do the questions well.

6 tips to overcome anxiety before exams

1. Know How to Study Efficiently

Each educational institution has its own way of helping to understand the lessons given. You will feel relaxed if you can systematically study and then practice the material that will be included in the exam.

It is important to know your own way of learning. If you have a habit of procrastinating, this is probably a symptom of anxiety, because avoiding problems is a form of self-defense mechanism.

Therefore, it is best to analyze your mindset before starting to study. The goal is so that you can find out the cause of anxiety so that it doesn’t interfere with your studying or taking exams. You can also regulate your emotions to recognize the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. This step is a way to calm down before the exam.

2. Form a Habit

The next way to deal with exam anxiety is to form a habit when studying. To find out which learning method is suitable and effective, you have to explore and try every existing learning method.

One way to form a study habit is to set a study schedule, when it starts and the duration, turn off your cell phone to reduce distractions, use a system of 40 minutes of concentration and 10 minutes of rest. By forming a habit, life will be more structured and you will feel more in control of situations.

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3. Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Positive thinking can make us more confident in our abilities. Focus on yourself and don’t compare yourself with other people so that negative thoughts don’t arise.

4. Consume Healthy Foods Regularly

Many people suffer from anxiety disorders because they do not eat regularly. In fact, the wrong diet can make anxiety worse. The wrong diet makes the brain lack nutrition so a person cannot focus. Therefore, you must consume food at least three times a day to maintain body strength.

Make sure you eat nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables, and fat-free protein to provide energy so you can study well. Apart from that, foods and drinks containing sugar should be avoided, because increasing blood sugar levels can cause anxiety. Anxiety due to a sudden increase in energy is also followed by lethargy which has an impact on study concentration.

5. Get Enough Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the keys to keeping your body and mind healthy. Because lack of sleep is one of the causes of anxiety before an exam. Therefore, you must get used to sleeping for eight hours every day so that your brain can rest well. That way, you will find it easier to concentrate and can study the next day with a fresh mind.

6. Take time to rest while studying

Although you should make the most of your time, don’t force yourself. Non-stop studying causes nervous tension and increases anxiety. You can set your study schedule by setting aside 10 minutes to rest after studying for 1-2 hours.

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Keep in mind, while resting, you should do activities that relax you. For example, watching television, chatting with other people, exercising, taking a leisurely walk, stretching your muscles, or sleeping. This can be done to rest the brain so that it feels fresher when studying.

Causes of Anxiety Before Exams

1. Maladjustment

Anxiety about exams can occur because you feel that your abilities are not enough to face the challenges you face, this can trigger anxiety. Feelings of unpreparedness or lack of confidence in one’s own abilities can also increase anxiety about exam results.

2. Bad study habits

Bad study habits can be a contributing factor to anxiety. When you realize that you haven’t prepared adequately because of bad study habits, such as procrastinating on assignments or not paying close attention to the material, it can lead to anxiety and tension leading up to the exam.

If students do not thoroughly master the subject matter at the beginning, then as a result they will experience difficulties when studying the subject matter that follows, and can experience increased anxiety when they take exams.

3. Social support

Strong social support gives a person a sense of confidence and certainty. If someone feels supported, they tend to have more emotional and psychological resources to deal with stress and pressure, including test anxiety.

On the other hand, a lack of social support can cause someone to feel too burdened by the burden of exams, because they feel they have no one they can rely on to reduce the burden.

4. Competition between students is tight

In intensely competitive situations, students may feel that they have to achieve high standards to be seen as successful or recognized by peers and teachers. This of course will cause tension and fear of failure.

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As exams approach, students will feel pressured to perform better than others, this can increase their anxiety. Anxiety can arise because he sees danger threatening him. This anxiety is closer to fear, because the source is clearly visible in his mind, namely the very tight competition for achievement.

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