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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Education
Februari 14, 2023 laskarui
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The impact of artificial intelligence in education has a significant impact on teaching and learning activities in Indonesia. Artificial intelligence was introduced in 1956 at an event several years ago, briefly through an artificial intelligence introduction conference.

Artificial intelligence was introduced as part of computer science which studies intelligent computer systems. The system is a system that has the characteristics of thinking like humans, because it is simply defined as a process of simulating intelligence in a machine that has been programmed through a computer system.

In general, artificial intelligence has the goal of making machines much smarter and more useful. There are several components in the basic concept of making it yourself with the concept of a professional and smart way of working.

What are the Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Education?

Artificial intelligence has a way of working in combining specific data and repetitive processing and intelligent algorithms. This allows the software to learn automatically from patterns or features present in certain data.

In artificial intelligence, several main supporting elements are needed, such as a knowledge base. The knowledge base has the nature of facts, theories and ideas with relationships between one another. Another element is machine learning which can help the analytical process and find hidden insights in data automatically.

There are also interconnected units such as neurons that process information by responding to external input, as well as passing information between each unit. Cognitive computing also has a function to interact like humans naturally with machines, because it has the main task so that machines can simulate human processes through capabilities.

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Simulation of human processes through the ability to interpret existing images and words. Within artificial intelligence there is also deep learning, which learns complex patterns in large amounts of data. Typical applications include knowledge of images and speech, as the work process uses very large networks of neurons with layers of processing units.

In artificial intelligence there is also a conclusion based on knowledge and experience. This element is one of the elements that is equally important so that it becomes a complete artificial intelligence that functions properly according to its function.

The presence of artificial intelligence is recognized as capable of providing many benefits to the field of education. Not only facilitating human performance activities, because artificial intelligence is able to complete a lot of repetitive work in a short amount of time.

More Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence has the ability to analyze more and deeper data in the world of education. The human brain has a performance as a sensor center that processes a lot of data and information, although it has limitations in processing and analyzing data in depth.

The human brain needs a long time to be able to reach a solution in a new discovery. These activities are different from artificial intelligence systems, because artificial intelligence is able to work quickly and repeatedly according to pre-programmed instructions.

In a short time, artificial intelligence can provide solutions and solutions to problems for the human brain that require a long time. Therefore, artificial intelligence is considered very important in the world of education because it can analyze more data.

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Accurate and Optimal

Artificial intelligence has almost no mistakes and carelessness because it achieves a high level of accuracy. This distinguishes artificial intelligence from humans, because artificial intelligence can carry out a task in more detail and accurately so that the possibility of error is very minimal.

Repetitive and repetitive work requires artificial intelligence with a more consistent level of accuracy than humans. Artificial intelligence is used as a process for assessing learning outcomes and school financial management with a more professional new admissions system.

Apart from achieving a high level of accuracy, artificial intelligence can also activate all the data it has. Of course it is different from the human brain system because the amount of information that is accommodated and processed will gradually experience fatigue and deadlock.

Information and knowledge that is understood and remembered is sometimes even lost and forgotten, so it is more effective to use artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will always work and process data that has been programmed with more and longer. So that the results of data processing will always be stored and become a new source of information that can be used at any time.

Artificial intelligence can also learn on its own because it is in accordance with its function, and is indeed designed to teach itself. Artificial intelligence will always learn according to the interaction algorithm that is set and adapts to new data added.

In a personalized learning system, artificial intelligence will always learn from the history of activities that have been carried out. So that there are learning solutions for students and present the required information automatically. Like a technology, artificial intelligence has positive impacts and advantages that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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What Are the Other Impacts of Artificial Intelligence?

There are several other impacts that can be enjoyed from artificial intelligence such as unlimited data storage. The data storage can be adjusted according to needs because it allows running a complex program better and safer.

Artificial intelligence also has precision and accuracy in carrying out tasks, because it is considered more accurate than natural intelligence. Artificial intelligence can replace repetitive and routine human tasks, such as the process of correcting and evaluating learning outcomes.

Artificial intelligence can be used at any time for a very long period of time, because it is different from humans who can get tired.

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