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Top Tips for Taking an Open Book Exam

Top Tips for Taking an Open Book Exam
Juni 12, 2024 laskarui
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Some students often consider open book exams as a way for teachers to make it easier to answer exam questions. In fact, it is rare for teachers to differentiate between the composition of their grades. Before knowing tips for taking an open book exam, read the definition of open book below.

Understanding Open Book Exams

Open book exams are practice exams that allow students to use a variety of resources necessary to work on exam questions. These sources can be textbooks, modules, notes, and can also be accessed from the internet.

For a closed exam system, students rely more on memorized or memorized knowledge when working on exam questions. The open book exam system does not mean that students do not use rote knowledge at all, but the targeted learning outcomes lead to high intellectual abilities, which include the ability to analyze, evaluate, or create a design.

This open book exam trains students to have higher thinking abilities. Several developed countries also often use open book exams. Even Finland, with the best education system, also uses open book exams. During an open book exam, students are allowed to open the book, automatically the teacher is supported in creating high quality questions.

With an open book system, teachers will avoid asking questions by stopping at the ladder of knowledge. On the other hand, teachers will be more challenged to create questions related to application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Tips for Taking Open Book Exams

1. Read the Exam Instructions

Before starting an open book exam, make sure you read the exam instructions carefully. Exam instructions can provide information regarding exam time, number of questions, and types of books or notes that are allowed to be brought. Make sure you understand the instructions well so you don’t make trivial mistakes when taking the exam.

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2. Prepare Reading Material Well

Before taking the open book exam, make sure you have prepared the reading material well. Choose books or notes that are relevant to the exam material and make sure the book is easy to understand and find information on. Don’t bring too many books or notes, because this can make it confusing to choose which books to use during the exam.

3. Make a summary of the exam material

Apart from bringing books, you can also make a summary of the exam material. This summary will help you remember the material and make it easier to find the information you need during the exam. Make the summary clear and easy to understand so you can use it effectively on the exam.

4. Practice with Previous Exam Questions

Before taking an open book exam, make sure you have practiced with previous exam questions. This can help you understand the types of questions you will face on the exam and prepare better. Try to work on the questions using a book or notes so you can hone your ability to find the information you need.

5. Use Time Effectively

When taking an open book exam, make sure you use your time effectively. Don’t spend too much time looking for information you don’t need. Focus on the problem at hand and search for information quickly and effectively.

6. Stay Calm and Focused

When taking the exam, stay calm and focused. Don’t panic or be too nervous when facing difficult questions. Try to understand the questions carefully and use books or notes effectively to find the necessary information. Don’t think too much about the questions you haven’t done yet, but focus on the questions you are working on.

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7. Do not copy answers from books or notes

The next tip is not to copy answers from books or notes. Even though you are allowed to bring books or notes, this does not mean you can copy answers without understanding the material. Try to understand the material well and answer the questions with your own answers.

8. Double Check Your Answers

After you finish taking the open book exam, make sure you check your answers again. Check for errors that might occur when taking the exam and make sure you have answered all the questions correctly. Don’t rush when checking answers, do it carefully and carefully.

9. Note Mistakes Made

If you make any mistakes while taking the exam, note them down. This can help you correct mistakes in the future and better prepare yourself when you take your next open book exam.

10. Discuss with friends or teachers

After taking the open book exam, try to discuss it with friends or lecturers. Discuss the material being tested and ask a friend or teacher if there is anything you don’t understand. These discussions will help you deepen your understanding of the material and better prepare yourself for the future.

11. Don’t Rely on Books or Notes

Final tip, don’t rely too much on books or notes when taking open book exams. Even though you are allowed to bring books or notes, this doesn’t mean you can rely on them completely. Try to understand the material well and answer the questions with your own answers.

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Taking open book exams can be a challenge for students. However, by preparing well and using books or notes effectively, you can take the exam successfully. Apart from that, don’t forget to stay calm and focused. By following the tips above, you can take the open book exam well and get satisfactory results.

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