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3 Examples of Review Texts for Novels, Films, Songs, Along with Their Structures

3 Examples of Review Texts for Novels, Films, Songs, Along with Their Structures
Desember 18, 2023 laskarui
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3 Examples of Review Texts for Novels, Films, Songs, Along with Their Structures

3 Examples of Review Texts for Novels, Films, Songs, Along with Their Structures

The review text contains the author’s opinion or assessment about an object of work. This review text does not always discuss positive assessments, but also assessments that according to the author there are shortcomings in a work.

Other aspects that are assessed in a review text are usually the title, story content, or even the book cover. The following are examples of review texts for novels, films, songs, along with their structure that you need to know.

3 examples of review texts for novels, films, songs and their structure

Example of novel review text: Little Letter to Father

  • Identity
  • Title

Small Letter to Father

  • Author

Boy Candra

  • Genre

Teenage novel

  • Publisher

PT Bukune Creative Cipta

  • Publication Year

January, 2018

  • Number of Pages

174 pages

  • Indonesian
  • Orientation

One of the novels by Boy Candra which is very popular on the market, Little Letter for Father. This novel is an old novel because it was released in 2018. The story tells of fathers who always make time for their beloved family while working hard without limits.

However, fathers are also human. In this novel, the main character uses a first person point of view, namely me.

  • Interpretation

In this film, the story begins with the life of a man. He has unconditional love and affection for his family, works wholeheartedly, and can still smile in the morning. That man is Dad. In this novel, the father is depicted as never getting tired of making his child happy and comfortable.

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However, it is as if the child does not know his own father. The story ends when a half-brother asks him to come to a cemetery in Jakarta. As he stepped out of the car, tears began to fall freely from his eyes. The flower he was holding fell along with his tears.

  • Strengths

This novel by Boy Candra uses a language style that can immerse the reader in feeling the emotions of each character. Apart from that, the struggles of a child and mother in real life are also depicted in it.

  • Disadvantages

However, several word errors such as typos or typos are still detected in the novel Surat Kecil Untuk Ayah. There are also several sentences that are less interesting and difficult to understand.

  • Summary

Sometimes we forget that fathers are also ordinary people. With this novel, readers will be guided to always appreciate the strength and hard work of a father. Despite its shortcomings, this novel is very suitable for reading by today’s young people, especially men who are future family leaders.

Example of a review text for the film The Sinking of the Van Der Wijck Ship

  • Identity
  • Film Title

The Sinking of the Van Der Wijck Ship

  • Director

Sunil Soraya

  • Players

Pevita Pearce, Reza Rahadian, Herjunot Ali

  • Orientation

The Sinking of the Van Der Wijck Ship is a film adaptation of a classic Indonesian novel by Buya Hamka. This film was released December 19 2013 and stars talented artists such as Herjunot Ali, Pevita Pearce, and Reza Rahadian. This film was directed by Sunil Soraya and became one of his successful works in 2013.

  • Interpretation
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This film tells about the twists and turns of Zainudin’s life in 1930 when he sailed from Makassar to Batipuh, his father’s birthplace. There he met Hayati and immediately fell in love.

  • Evaluation

The storyline seems slow and there are several parts that are less interesting. Some conflicts are less intense and end up flat again. The use of Nidji’s song also felt inappropriate, because the melody used seemed modern.

Summary: Putting aside several shortcomings such as a storyline that is too slow, visual effects that are not good, and so on, this film is still worth watching. The use of appropriate words and great costumes make this film one of the best of 2013.

Example of review text for the song ‘untukmu’ by Raisa

  • Identity
  • Title

Song For You

  • Duration

4.57 minutes

  • Singer

Raisa Adriana

  • Producer

Adryanto Pratono

  • Year


  • Orientation

The pop ballad song sung by Raisa with the title For You, is one of Raisa’s best songs. The song is there for you, released in 2018. Raisa’s song for you contains meaningful lyrics about a child’s deep longing for a mother figure.

  • Interpretation

This song tells the story of a child who misses his mother’s presence when he grows up and lives his daily life. The emotion of the child’s longing is clearly depicted in the lyrics of this song, namely “mother, mother, I miss”.

The child’s emotions are clearly depicted how he feels when he is hit by many problems and longs for protection from a mother.

  • Evaluation

The advantage of this song sung by Raisa is that it has a tone that tends to be brighter and more cheerful even though the lyrics of the song have deep emotions. As for the shortcomings, this song is no different from the other songs on Raisa’s album. So it’s more impressive that there’s no difference.

  • Summary
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This song sung by Raisa describes very deep emotions about the main character in the song lyrics. This song can remind listeners of the figure of a mother. From the review of this song, it illustrates that most Indonesian songs have high language lyrics with meanings that really touch the listener’s hearts.

So, that’s a discussion of 3 examples of review texts for novels, films, songs, along with their structure, hopefully this discussion will be useful.

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