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10 Tips to Overcome Pre-Exam Anxiety, a Must-Try!

10 Tips to Overcome Pre-Exam Anxiety, a Must-Try!
Oktober 16, 2023 laskarui
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10 Tips to Overcome Pre-Exam Anxiety, a Must-Try!

However, excessive anxiety will actually be very annoying and make you miserable when you have to do exam questions. Anxiety can attack anyone, whether you are an elementary school student, middle school student, or an employee who has to take tests to advance your career and obtain certification.

The causes of anxiety before an exam are also varied, one of which is worry about not being able to do the exam questions well and experiencing failure. Therefore, you must know tips for dealing with anxiety before the exam, so that you don’t feel disturbed and can do the questions well.

10 Tips to Overcome Pre-Exam Anxiety, a Must-Try!

Anxiety before exams is something that is very common among students. Anxiety can actually help us to stay focused and prepare well. However, if the anxiety is excessive, it can interfere with your learning ability and even affect your exam results. Here are some ways that can help overcome anxiety before exams.

What are some tips for overcoming anxiety before exams?

1. Prepare yourself well

One of the right ways to reduce anxiety is to prepare yourself as best as possible. Try to study the material well, review difficult material, and do lots of practice questions. The more prepared you are for the exam, the less likely you will feel anxious.

2. Avoid procrastination

Anxiety can increase if we procrastinate work. Try to manage your time well and not delay your preparations. Make preparations in stages. Big jobs can be easy if done in stages, one step at a time.

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3. Give yourself enough rest time

Of course, preparing well doesn’t mean you have to study non-stop. Give yourself enough rest time to avoid fatigue and maintain emotional balance. Try doing enjoyable activities such as light exercise, listening to music, or chatting with friends.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others

Everyone has different abilities and ways of learning. Don’t compare yourself too much with other people because it can cause and increase feelings of anxiety. Focus on your abilities and do the best according to your abilities.

5. Regulate Breathing and relaxation

When we feel anxious, our breathing tends to become shallow and breathless. So try doing deep breathing and relaxation techniques to help calm your mind and reduce anxiety.

6. Use positivism and self-affirmation

Positive words and self-affirmations can help you build self-confidence and relieve anxiety. Give yourself positive words and say firmly that you can face the test. Guaranteed this will reduce your anxiety about facing the exam.

7. Visualize

Visualization is a technique of describing imagination or mental images of things you want to achieve. Try to imagine the exam situation with a calm mind and successfully answer all the questions well. This can help reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence.

8. Make sure you don’t forget to eat breakfast and drink enough

Having breakfast and drinking enough before the exam is very important to maintain our physical and mental condition. Breakfast with healthy foods containing carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Drink enough water so that your body does not lack fluids and avoid dehydration.

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9. Think positively

Try to always think positively. Focus on your successes and don’t think too much about failures or mistakes that might occur. You also need to know that failure is part of the learning process. The most important thing is to get back up quickly if you fail. Make sure you don’t let failure stop you from achieving your goals.

10. Pray

The final tip is to pray. Talk to God to become calmer. Try your best, do the best you can, but let God do the rest. By praying a lot, the heart will become calmer, anxiety will disappear

Effective Ways to Study for Exams

1. Learn from a long time ago

A bad habit that students generally have is studying using the overnight speed system (SKS). This study system is certainly less effective because it will only make you less rested. Lack of rest time can certainly have bad consequences because you become sleepy and lack focus when working on exam questions.

Not only that, lack of rest time will make the brain not work optimally and the brain will go blank more often. This condition causes you to have difficulty working on the questions given and lose concentration.

So, so that this doesn’t happen, you should learn well in advance because this method is effective and the results are also more optimal.

2. Create a comfortable learning atmosphere

Studying is the key to success when working on exam questions. However, it is not uncommon for students to feel lazy about studying because studying is a boring activity.

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In fact, there are several ways you can make learning fun. To make your study mood better, it is recommended to create a comfortable and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

Make sure the atmosphere created suits your personality. By creating a comfortable atmosphere, it will certainly make you feel more comfortable studying for a long period of time.

3. Often Participates in Group Study

If you feel bored studying alone at home, there’s no harm in joining a study group. You can invite friends to study together to create a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere.

The number of friends you invite doesn’t have to be large. Two or three people are enough to minimize too much chatting and joking so you don’t focus on studying.

4. Study the Exam Grid

Before a school exam takes place, generally the teacher will tell you a grid of questions that often appear in the exam. The questions that appear on the exam are not far from this grid.

Therefore, students need to study the grid well. The existence of this grid will make learning easier because the subject matter that needs to be studied is listed on the grid. So, you don’t need to be afraid and anxious anymore.

That’s all that can be explained in this article, hopefully it’s useful.

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