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Understanding Homeschooling and How Much Does Homeschooling Cost in Indonesia?

Understanding Homeschooling and How Much Does Homeschooling Cost in Indonesia?
September 19, 2023 laskarui
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Understanding Homeschooling and How Much Does Homeschooling Cost in Indonesia?

Now education in Indonesia is increasingly developing along with advances in science and technology, one of which is schooling at home or known as homeschooling. How much does homeschooling cost in Indonesia? The cost of home schooling of course varies greatly depending on ability.

To find out more about the costs of homeschooling, you can read the discussion below. But before that, let’s understand the meaning of homeschooling

Understanding Homeschooling in Indonesia

Homeschooling is an alternative education method. Homeschooling is also the practice of studying at home under the direction of parents or accompanying tutors. Apart from at home, homeschooling can be done anywhere, except formal schools with the structured learning model as is known so far.

Legally, the homeschooling learning model has been recognized in Indonesia. Generally, the institution that organizes this learning model is called PKBM or Community Learning Activity Center. Like formal and non-formal schools, PKBM is under the auspices of the Education and Culture Service.

The rules regarding homeschooling in Indonesia are contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 129 of 2014. According to this regulation, homeschooling or home schooling is an educational service that is consciously and plannedly carried out by parents or families at home or in a conducive place.

In Indonesia, homeschooling has experienced a shift in meaning. The practice of homeschooling in Indonesia involves non-formal education institutions that provide learning at these institutions. So the concept is similar to additional tutoring.

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This is of course far from the true meaning of homeschooling. In fact, abroad, there are no institutions that provide homeschooling. If there is, it is in the form of a consulting agency or homeschooling community. However, the existence of this kind of institution in Indonesia is also not without reason.

In Indonesia, homeschooling is still synonymous with the word exclusive because only the upper middle class are considered capable of choosing this type of education rather than studying in conventional schools. In general, homeschooling costs in Indonesia vary quite a lot.

Our country still applies a prerequisite for a diploma from the previous level if you want to enroll in school or college. So, homeschooling institutions are really needed in this country.

Apart from providing tutors, curriculum and structured learning programs, the institution also provides package equalization test facilities. So, even though they don’t study at a formal school, children can still get a valid legal certificate and can be used for various administrative purposes.

Even though some institutions promote a different concept from homeschooling in the United States, this learning model is also quite popular with the Indonesian people. Interest in homeschooling in Indonesia is unlimited, from ordinary people to public figures who choose this learning model.

How Much Does Homeschooling Cost in Indonesia?

As previously mentioned, homeschooling costs in Indonesia vary quite a lot. You could say, the cost of this learning model is flexible according to the learning design programmed by parents for their children.

For parents who often carry out homeschool activities outside, the costs involved may be quite large due to transportation costs. Meanwhile, for those who hold learning at home or online, the costs incurred depend on WiFi costs and use of consumable ATK.

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This is different from homeschooling using clubs or courses. The biggest cost depends on the course taken. The cost of homeschooling is actually not that expensive, nor is it affordable. The cost of running a homeschool tends to be expensive if:

  • Using institutional services to provide teachers, tutors and learning programs
  • Purchase imported learning materials and products
  • Do lots of outdoor learning activities such as visiting museums, city libraries, visiting zoos, parks, riding trains, and so on
  • Buy study materials in the form of books or digital products that exceed your needs
  • If you want homeschool costs to be more affordable, you can do several things such as:
  • Use learning books or materials at home
  • Use used books
  • Share learning resources with parents or other homeschooling practitioners and the community
  • Using material from the internet

Looking at the review above, it can be concluded that there is no such thing as expensive or cheap in homeschooling. Even when compared to conventional schools, homeschooling is much more economical in several aspects such as no money for uniforms, buildings, monthly education costs, and maintenance costs for school facilities.

The size of the funds spent when choosing homeschooling depends on the needs and facilities used. Apart from the facilities and learning needs of children, the cost of organizing homeschooling also depends on the city where you live. In a city such as Jakarta, homeschooling costs will range from IDR 1 to IDR 2 million per month.

Compared to the prices of private schools in the city, especially international schools, the costs of homeschooling in Jakarta are certainly affordable. On the other hand, in small areas where private school fees are cheap because they take advantage of government assistance, homeschool fees usually range from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 1 million per month.

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Again, homeschooling is about flexibility, both in terms of organizing the learning program and costs. But talking about results, children who study through homeschooling can also excel, and even have the opportunity to explore their potential to the fullest compared to children who attend conventional educational institutions, whether formal or non-formal.

The advantage of homeschooling is that parents can continue to monitor and control learning progress by determining the desired learning time and duration.

By choosing home schooling, parents can also determine their own topics and learning methods that suit their children’s interests, abilities and learning styles, so it is hoped that children will be able to develop talents according to their desires and abilities.

Home schooling also provides time flexibility that can be arranged according to needs. This can definitely provide free time to rest so you don’t feel stressed.

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