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Tips for Accompanying Children in Any Learning

Tips for Accompanying Children in Any Learning
Mei 15, 2023 laskarui
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Tips for Accompanying Children in Any Learning

Parents can, of course, invite their children to arrange their own price schedule, one of which is the lesson schedule and play schedule. In fact, rest times and bedtime must be neatly arranged so that children can understand their effective time. In this preparation, parents must pay attention to the length of study time that in general children can concentrate fully.

Tips for Accompanying Children in Learning Anything?

1. Supervise and Support Children’s Learning Process

Parents can encourage children to re-read learning material and do assignments given by the teacher. An easy way to do this is for parents to be present to accompany their children as tips for accompanying their children in learning. Another way is to involve older children to help their younger siblings complete schoolwork.

Parents can also give simple appreciation for the good things done by their children. One of the good things is to stick to a daily schedule without being reminded or self-study. Invite your little one to be able to reflect on the lessons learned in everyday life, because the best implementation media is continue.

Not only that, because parents can ask questions about the lessons to be learned later. Also try to encourage your child to be diligent in asking questions about what you don’t know.

2. Encourage Children to Diligently Ask and Learn Children’s Learning Styles

Give the child the opportunity to ask about a variety of material that is not understood. Because, parents can discuss in a way that interests children so that children are encouraged to ask many people.

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Give the child the opportunity to ask questions about material that is not understood. Certainly studying children’s learning styles must be done to make it easier for parents to accompany learning. In facilitating and accompanying learning, because there are lots of tips to accompany children in learning that can be learned.

One of them is the visual learning style, the visual learning style prefers and easily receives information by seeing. Everything that is visually interesting will be focused and easily understood by children with learning styles. So parents can facilitate children by multiplying pictures instead of words.

Also use word writing with very unique letters and various and colorful writing sizes. Learning material presented in the form of story comics can also be used as an option. You can arrange a comfortable study room using decorative children’s work.

Especially for children with a visual learning style, of course it can be practiced through films related to the information they have to learn.

It’s different if a child has an auditory learning style, because usually he will be more sensitive to music and have a high interest in music. Tips for accompanying children to learn in an auditory style, namely using dynamic intonation when giving information to children.

Children who have an auditory learning style can also be guided by telling stories and using a tape recorder. Because it can be used to help children learn some information related to the learning system.

The next learning style is the kinesthetic learning style, which will make children more sensitive to receiving new information through activities. Children with this learning style can use teaching aids, because this application is an application of knowledge by direct practice.

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Children with a kinesthetic learning style will be more interested in learning, so they can receive new information which is also easier to remember.

Is Building Communication with Schools Necessary?

1. Build Communication with Schools

Parents must also stay connected with the school in searching for information related to learning materials. In addition to learning materials, it can also support teaching and learning activities while at home. Parents can also have discussions with the school regarding the difficulties or conditions of their children while studying at home.

The most important thing that must be understood by parents when accompanying children to learn is the expectations that are managed for the learning process. Parents must also look at the child’s condition and be flexible because the conditions of this pandemic are not ideal and are not easy for anyone, including children.

Parents can show feature-length documentaries on TV so that children can study for a very long time. Although these activities mean that they do not absorb information in a much more effective way.

The cognitive load of learning resources is a balance between task demands and available resources. The demands of the task in question are how difficult and how long it takes to do something. While the available resources are the children’s initial knowledge and the resources they have.

Meanwhile, highly successful content is content that finds a delicate balance and never generates such a high load. So that the students are not involved, although never too low so that students are not challenged by this.

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If a child has their own learning challenges, then parents can review online and other learning materials sent by the school. It can be difficult to plan all activities so that they are kept busy most of the time especially when parents are working far away.

Children are certainly more comfortable when accompanied by their learning if they find the right teacher. The right teacher certainly has a broad understanding of children.

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