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Great Study Spots for Kids

Great Study Spots for Kids
Juni 12, 2024 laskarui
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One of the keys to more optimal learning is finding the right place. From various learning styles, we as parents must adapt the places we choose to study. Here is a great learning place for children.

Knowing Good Study Places for Children

1. House

Have you ever heard the saying that a mother is her children’s first school? Mothers are the first people to teach their children to learn. Starting from learning to pronounce words, sitting, eating alone, and other knowledge. That is the reason why a mother must be smart and have a lot of knowledge.

Likewise with a father, like a school principal. He is the person who has the authority to issue regulations according to the agreement and is the biggest supporter of a mother in educating her children at home. So a good place to learn for children is home. Of course, with support and struggle from parents.

2. Formal Institutions

Formal education is a school to perfect children’s education. Apart from being a place to learn science, school also allows children to learn other things such as socializing with other people, good competition, and so on.

So it is appropriate for parents to provide good and quality schools for their children. Considering that the quality of education in Indonesia is not yet evenly distributed.

3. Informal Institutions

Sometimes not all the lessons children need are at school. Especially in terms of interests, talents and skills. So, this informal institution could be one solution where children can learn the things they want to learn. This institution can be in the form of tutoring or courses.

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If you want to learn to recite the Koran, you can go to a tahfiz house or madrasah, if you want to learn English you can go to an English course, and if you want to learn robotics you can go to a robotics class, and others. These informal institutions must be chosen according to children’s learning needs.

4. Environment and Nature

Many parents miss learning in the surrounding environment and in nature. Even though there is a lot that children can learn here. At the market, we can invite children to learn about types of vegetables, fruit, side dishes, and so on. Likewise, in the wild, we can learn a lot about how birds can fly, plants flower, frogs lay eggs, and so on.

Likewise when traveling to beaches, parks, cultural reserves, nature reserves, supermarkets, mosques and other places. We can still invite children to learn many things here. So, learning can be done anywhere. Not just sitting quietly at school, in the wild you can still learn and gain knowledge.

Effective and Fun Learning Methods for Children

Learning is an obligation that must be carried out, including for children who are at school. Spending so many hours at school, combined with tutoring or class schedules outside of school, sometimes makes children tired quickly. Various learning methods can be used as variations in learning and of course make the learning process more enjoyable.

1. Demonstration Method

This method requires the teacher to demonstrate an event, how a tool works, as well as certain theories. This is used to make children understand the material presented and understand what needs to be done.

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2. Discussion Method

This method allows children to interact with their friends and express their opinions whether they agree or disagree with something. This method also helps children understand ideas and opinions in depth.

3. Jigsaw Method

In this method, children will be divided into several groups so that they are trained on how to have good cooperation. Each member must study and understand the material being studied. After that, each group member combines the material they have learned. This method can also train children to listen to and support each other as a group.

4. Case Study Method

This method is widely used, where children learn directly from cases that occur. From the various obstacles that occur, children will see where the obstacles originate and how to solve these problems well. Thus, giving children a great opportunity to master the theme or material being studied.

5. Field Trip Method

This particular method seems to be often used in various schools with various destinations. Generally, children will go on a study tour outside the city accompanied by teachers for junior high school age and above, and can also be accompanied by parents for elementary school age children and below. This method is a moment that is eagerly awaited by children. Because children can play and learn at the same time in a new place.

6. Recitation Method

For this method, children are required to summarize the material presented, either audio or visually. They will remember the material and rewrite the information they get. One of them is watching historical films or certain types of films in a foreign language.

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7. Practical Method

The practical method is of course often used in Indonesian schools. Children will be taught to carry out hands-on experiments, such as making kites, lava lamps, and various other experiments. This makes it easier for children to immediately carry out experiments.

So, that’s a good place to study for children and several methods that can be used to vary the way of learning. Apart from helping children understand the material being studied in detail, children will also have strong bonds with each other, both with friends, teachers, and also with parents.

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