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What Age Do You Graduate High School in Indonesia

What Age Do You Graduate High School in Indonesia
April 14, 2023 laskarui
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What Age Do You Graduate High School in Indonesia?

What Age Do You Graduate High School in Indonesia? This question is often asked when registering for high school and choosing a major of interest. As in general, third year students are required to take national exams which affect student graduation. So that high school graduates can continue their education to tertiary institutions or go directly to work.

What Age Do You Graduate High School in Indonesia?

Age of Students Graduated High School

High school students are generally aged 16 to 18 years, although sometimes there are students who are older. SMA certainly does not include government compulsory education programs such as SD or SMP. Since 2005 the 12-year compulsory education program has begun to be implemented, which will include high schools in several areas such as the city of Yogyakarta and the district of Bantul.

Senior high schools are run by both the government and the private sector. This was inaugurated after the enactment of regional autonomy in 2001, so that the management of public high schools in Indonesia was previously under the Ministry of National Education.

Senior high schools have become the responsibility of the provincial government. This happened because the Ministry of National Education only played a role as a regulator in the field of national education standards. Structurally, public high schools themselves are technically implementing units of the provincial education office.

The age of high school graduates is generally 18 years old, although sometimes some are 19 years old or 17 years old. Since it is mandatory to enter elementary school at the age of 7, the fastest way to graduate from high school is at the age of 17, while the right age is 18.

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Positive Things You Can Do After Graduating High School

1. Join Volunteers

There are lots of activities that can be done after graduating from high school. After graduating from high school, in general students will be preoccupied with taking various tests, the selection test is intended so they can enter college. Surely they will take intensive learning at intensive learning institutions.

This applies even though there are some students who choose not to continue studying first. Of course there are several activities that can be taken while filling your free time after graduating from high school. If you don’t know what these activities are, then you can volunteer.

Taking part in volunteering is one of the positive activities that students who have graduated from high school can try. By participating in these activities, people can reflect on their life goals and plan for the future. This is intended, because in the activity there are several professionals who can provide direction regarding the future.

2. Interests Explore

After you graduate from high school, exploring your interests is what you have to do. Exploring interests and talents is the thing to do instead of rushing to study and choose a major. You can start to pursue hobbies and develop an interest in these things. Not only that, because you can take several paid or free online courses.

3. Learn Foreign Languages

Apart from exploring your interests, you can also learn foreign languages. You can fill your free time by doing some productive activities such as learning foreign languages. By learning a foreign language, you can have high and good sales points so you can put it in your portfolio.

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You can learn universally spoken languages like English or Chinese. Apart from these languages, you can also learn other languages such as Japanese and Korean.

It should be underlined that learning a foreign language can be done easily through YouTube or taking courses. These courses can be done online or offline, because these courses will really help you.

4. Join Global Projects

In general, international organizations will focus on world peace, because they often open global projects. In participating in this global project, you must graduate from high school because the minimum age limit starts from 16 years.

Global projects usually offer short internships in several countries around the world. As a member, you will gain hands-on experience in areas such as business, international development, journalism, law, human rights, medicine, health care, microfinance, social work, veterinary medicine, and animal care.

By participating in some of these positive activities, of course you can learn more about college and have the career picture you want. Because, this career description must be carefully thought out so that you don’t go the wrong way.

5. Take Courses

Another positive activity that can be done after graduating from high school is taking interesting courses. As we already know, learning does not have to be at the university or attending college. You can develop soft skills by following some interesting skills courses.

In general, after graduating from a course institution you will get a certificate that will be useful for applying for jobs. There are lots of recommended courses that you can take when you graduate from high school later. Some of these special types are graphic design, bridal consultation, makeup, cooking, sewing, and so on.

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The course you take must be considered very carefully. This happens because some courses consider the interests of their students. You also have to be smart in choosing a course teacher, and try to choose a course teacher who is very professional in his field.

A professional special teacher certainly has very good skills when teaching his students. You can also take courses according to the field you want, babies in general fields or certain sciences. Also make sure you accept all the terms and conditions that apply to the course.

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