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Tips for Spending School Holidays

Tips for Spending School Holidays
April 14, 2023 laskarui
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Tips for Spending School Holidays

Tips for spending school holidays, one of which is to adopt a new routine. As we already know, holidays are very much needed by all humans because the body and mind need refreshment. Especially when humans have carried out routine activities every day.

What are some tips for spending school holidays?

1. Relaxing Cycling

Free time during holidays can be used optimally so that it is not wasted because of some activities that are not positive. So that school holidays are still useful, the tips for filling the first school holidays are leisurely cycling.

Cycling can certainly be used as a means of vacation as well as sports for children. The fact is that cycling is not only to refresh the mind, because cycling can also make children fitter because they keep moving their bodies.

2. Go to Vacation Spots

The most enjoyable vacation alternative for children is a place of entertainment. When deciding to play in an entertainment venue, the child will forget all the tiredness in a moment. Fatigue is fatigue when carrying out learning activities that are carried out every day. By going to a vacation spot, the child’s brain will be refreshed and the body will be fresher.

3. Watching Movies and Satisfying Hobby

Children can also do other activities such as watching movies which are fun activities. Of course, this activity can be done in the cinema or can also be done at home. Moreover, vacation is one of the right times to be used while you can channel your hobby.

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If during the active school period the children do not have time to pursue their hobbies. So, school holidays are the right time to cultivate children’s talents through these hobbies.

4. Reading books

Even though it seems boring, reading books can make someone much more relaxed. It couldn’t be compared to wasting time doing unimportant activities. So, you can recommend books to your children which are the easiest vacation alternatives.

What are the Study Tips to Keep Studying on Holidays?

Make a Study Plan

Motivating yourself to study during the holidays is certainly a challenge for children. This must be done when all outdoor activities and enjoying time off are like asking for time. Of course it is very important to use children’s holidays to keep learning, because the brain in us is a muscle and it will lose its strength if it stops being used.

It will be very important to keep training your muscles during the holidays so that when you return to school you immediately work optimally. Then than that, the holidays are the perfect time to catch up and be ahead of the rest.

You should have about 2 to 6 weeks to fill in the missing knowledge gaps and prepare for the next semester. You can evaluate lessons in the previous semester, or study for the next semester.

Having less motivation to study during holidays is a common problem that is often experienced by students during holidays. Then you can create a study plan with reasonable goals for each day.

It’s definitely difficult to stay motivated every day, so you have to be good at managing your time, such as limiting outings to 1 to 2 days. You can also set aside 30 to 60 minutes to study before or after the outing.

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Try to focus on specific study goals to make them more useful, so you can break these big goals down into small achievable goals. This activity can be in the form of reading theory and practice questions within 1 day.

Learn in Small Portions

Keep in mind that the school remembers you for a short break. So, if you are still sitting in the first school year, then 2 to 4 hours is the most appropriate time to study. Of course it’s different when you are at the senior year level, because you have to deliver 3 to 6 hours of study for one full day.

You can give about 3 to 5 minutes to rest every 20 to 25 minutes of studying. Keep in mind that all of this is part of the process, so don’t push yourself too hard. Besides that, you also have to keep giving time to rest and relax by continuing to learn little by little.

1. Study With Friends

By studying with friends, of course you have someone to keep yourself accountable. It is very important to study with people who are not distracting and people who procrastinate.

Keep in mind that the purpose of learning is to recall material and increase knowledge. So that you can carry out material review activities and learn from each other with methods or how to work on problems.

2. Evaluation

You should also be able to evaluate what was learned in the previous semester. Several ways can be done such as memorizing and understanding lessons, because this is consistent repetition. Good at taking notes to solve quizzes and previous problems.

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3. Study for Next Semester

Try not to stop studying after evaluating lessons in the previous semester. As a student, you must constantly think ahead by preparing yourself for next semester’s lessons. Then, you can familiarize yourself with the syllabus in the next semester and make a summary of what needs to be learned. Like what you develop in these subjects.

Surely a good school will hold a holiday program as an alternative for students who feel less effective while studying at home. So that as a student you can come and study at a school with competent teaching staff.

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