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The Right Way to Study for Introverts and Solitary Individuals

The Right Way to Study for Introverts and Solitary Individuals
Oktober 16, 2023 laskarui
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The Right Way to Study for Introverts and Solitary Individuals

Everyone definitely has their own character. These character differences of course influence effective learning methods. One of the correct ways to study for introverted and solitary individuals is to adapt the way of learning to their individual comfort and needs.

If you feel like you are an introvert or tend to be a loner, of course you will be more comfortable studying in a calm environment. There are several ways to study for introverts and loners. This method can be used if you want to improve the quality of your learning even though you are alone.

The Right Way to Study for Introverts and Solitary Individuals

What is the correct way to study for introverted and solitary individuals? To improve the quality of learning appropriately, one way is to adjust the learning method and your own comfort and needs.

Those of you who have an introverted personality or tend to be alone certainly prefer to study in a quiet place. However, below are several correct ways to study for introverts and loners. What are the tips? Just look at the discussion.

What is the Correct Way to Study for Introverted and Lonely Individuals?

1. Learn on my own

Studying alone has several advantages. For example, you can save costs, be flexible in terms of time and place, and can choose your own learning atmosphere according to your wishes. Apart from that, studying alone can also train independence. You can become a person who does not depend on other people, and is also driven to solve problems on your own.

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However, the absence of a socialization process is a deficiency in the independent learning process. This can eliminate opportunities for exchanging ideas that are useful for learning progress.

2. Group study in small groups

Even if you have an introverted character or are more comfortable alone, studying with friends will help you exchange ideas and socialize. However, in this condition you only need to form a small study group or with a few people according to your own convenience.

Group study can also strengthen friendships to mutual tolerance and help each other. When you want to study in a group, you have to consider the distance because you need to re-use your energy after being tired from school to go to the study place together.

3. Study in a calm environment

Someone who is an introvert or loner will generally find it difficult to focus when they have to study in a busy and noisy environment. For this reason, you can look for a place or study room that is quiet and free from distractions. Studying in a crowded room will provoke anxiety or distraction in introverts. This makes your learning results not optimal

4. Study with people with the same personality

Studying alone can sometimes make you even more bored, lazy and lack motivation. To overcome this, you can look for study friends who have the same personality as you.

With fellow introverts and loners, you will be more comfortable studying and absorb the material more optimally. You can also exchange ideas without worrying that your study partner will be uncomfortable.

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5. Study at night

Everyone generally has their own study time. Study hours are determined based on convenience. There are types of people who prefer to study at dawn, noon, and even at night. For introverts and loners, evenings can be a great time.

The priority of studying tonight is not without reason. At night you can usually find a calmer atmosphere and not as many distractions, whether from the surrounding environment or social media.

5. Take private lessons

Private lessons can be a solution if you want to learn but need a teacher. By taking private lessons you can repeat the lessons learned at school. Private tutoring can maximize understanding. Apart from that, you can adjust the learning tempo in private lessons according to your abilities and needs.

6. Learn to use technology assistance

If you find it difficult to attend face-to-face meetings or study group discussions, you can take advantage of technology. You can take a number of online classes with the help of technology. There are many online learning platforms or webinar classes that you can take. The choices are also varied, ranging from free or paid.

5 Characteristics of Introverted and Lonely Students

People with an introverted personality type generally have the characteristic of being more focused on internal feelings within themselves, compared to external stimulation from the environment around them. The following are characteristics of introverted and solitary students:

1. Prefer to be alone

For some students, meeting or playing with friends is a way to refresh their minds. However, introverted students are not like that. If they feel stressed or busy, they prefer to find a place to be alone. Not infrequently, brilliant ideas for introverted and solitary students will emerge when they are in a quiet atmosphere.

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2. Process feelings internally

Extroverted and solitary students find it easy to show what is on their minds through words or concrete actions. When receiving stimulation or stimulus, introverted students can process it for a while before deciding what they will show what they think and how to respond.

It is not surprising that introverted and solitary students are identified as quiet students, even though in reality this is not always the case.

3. Likes writing

Introverted students usually prefer to convey what is in their heads through writing rather than words. This is because students with introverted personalities are generally very careful in expressing their opinions. Writing is a safer method for them to express their opinions compared to speaking directly.

4. Easy to lose concentration

Introverted and solitary students don’t like crowded conditions, let alone noisy ones. These kinds of stimuli are a distraction for introverted students. Students with this personality type will be able to learn or work optimally if the atmosphere is supportive.

5. Have few friends

With their tendency to like a quiet atmosphere and not be too busy, introverted and solitary students rarely want to join large groups. Students like this are generally more comfortable with just a few people so they seem to only hang out with the same people.

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