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The Benefits of Music for Little Children

The Benefits of Music for Little Children
Mei 15, 2023 laskarui
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musik untuk anak

The Benefits of Music for Little Children

Music certainly has a lot of benefits for children, not just to give peace. Music can also raise children’s spirits, because a collection of tones can also provide many extraordinary benefits for children’s health and development.

Some of the Benefits of Music for Young Children

1. Smarter Brain

If you listen to music regularly, of course it can provide benefits for the health and brain function of children. When listening to music, brain cells also become more active to work hard. This has also been proven by research showing that music has an important role in growing intelligence and improving children’s memory.

Not only from listening to music, because these benefits can also be felt if your baby likes to play musical instruments.

2. Supports Physical Skills and Motor Development

When there is the rhythm of your little one’s favorite song being played, later he will sway or dance to the chant again. Dancing is a healthy form of exercise, so music can benefit children in developing physical skills.

This advantage also applies so that your child likes to play musical instruments. Especially for certain instruments, both percussion, which can help develop coordination and motor skills.

3. Academic Ability Increases

Music also provides many benefits for intelligence or IQ in children. In fact, various studies have also proven that children who often listen to or play music appear to have better academic achievement.

This is not surprising, because many schools are starting to add music voyages to the education curriculum. Through music, children can also determine their interests and explore their talents, including in the art of music.

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4. Train and educate children to be patient

When your little one likes a song, surely he will try hard to memorize the lyrics. Especially when there is his favorite musical instrument, he can also be interested in trying to play the song. This situation is a good learning process to train children’s intelligence and patience.

The learning process, of course, sometimes makes children feel bored and disappointed. Children will also feel angry to the point where they have tantrums because they cannot memorize lyrics or play their favorite songs. This moment makes the important role of parents, namely guiding and supporting children to be patient when memorizing lyrics or playing songs.

Parents can also learn and sing the song together to encourage children. By teaching children about the value of patience, of course parents can teach a very useful lesson that what children want cannot be obtained in a short time. This pattern is one of the parenting styles to form good character in children.

5. Relieves Stress

The benefits of music for children are no less important, namely improving the child’s mood. If the little one is not in a good mood, then mom can ask her to listen to songs while singing and playing. This of course can affect the mood of the listener.

Music is also used as a medium to help prevent overcoming mental disorders. Moreover, music therapy has also been proven to be able to relieve stress and anxiety and prevent depression in children. Music also has very diverse benefits for children, so mothers can introduce music or teach children to play as early as possible.

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Introducing music to children makes it easier for children to get to know the art of music, which is one of the talents that children have. If you want to find out more about the benefits of music for children, parents can consult a doctor or psychologist who specifically studies child development.

What are the tips for choosing music?

1. Listen to Instrumental Music

Instrumental songs without lyrics are easier to make someone feel focused. This happens because the song lyrics that we hear can actually distract us when we have read or written something.

A study has also proven that those who choose to listen to instrumental songs tend to have higher intelligence. This is because instrumental music is less intrusive as background music and less demanding of your attention. So, we can still enjoy the melody without forgetting the task at hand.

However, it would be different if we listened to an instrumental version without lyrics of our favorite song. This one is actually not recommended because the brain actually tends to fill in the missing lyrics so that our focus can be divided. Although everything returns to their individual preferences, because many creative people tend to choose favorite songs from any genre.

2. Don’t be too extreme

Please note that not all instrumental songs are sure to calm and focus. Because, you can pay attention to whether the instrumental song is too loud or with melodic and tempo arrangements that suck focus.

Although sometimes it depends on the activities carried out. If you want to focus on physical exercise or a physically demanding job, then up-tempo songs or upbeat melodies can be used as an option. Especially for those of you who work in front of a computer screen, of course, a quieter melody is the right choice.

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These songs will actually make you feel relaxed and make your body sleepy quickly. Even though you listen to songs so you can be more focused and more productive, so you can choose songs that are recommended.

You can also choose music that you can enjoy, so that work is done faster and optimally. If you don’t like jazz or classical music, then don’t force yourself to listen to these types of music.

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