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How to Improve Your English Pronunciation

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation
Januari 16, 2023 laskarui
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How to Improve Your English Pronunciation

How to improve your English pronunciation is a way that you can do as long as you have the will and persistence. Perseverance in question is persistence when you follow the lesson, the way is to practice some of the methods below.

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation?

The way to improve pronunciation in English can be done by anyone. Although you need a special class to get started, special classes are usually given by several professionals who are good at English pronunciation.

Voice Record

The first way you can do this is to record the voice of a native speaker speaking at a normal tempo. After you do the voice recording, then you can directly transcript. After doing the transcription activity, you can try to play it back and listen to the main sentence and then imitate it.

In this phase of imitating activities, you can easily see the results of the transcription as a reference. You also have to pay close attention to how a native speaker speaks. The conversation in question is from voice intonation, sound pronunciation and so on.

If you want to try a much more challenging method, then you can try not to see the text of the transcript. Even though it sounds difficult to do, this method is quite effective. Because, this one method is a successful method because it can help you to correct pronounciation with the ears, not with the eyes.

When you practice tone, dialect, and so on, you can see the form of the word that has been written. Even if you don’t say the words in English according to the words written.

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Videos or Podcasts

The next way to improve your English pronunciation is through videos or podcasts. Because, the more you hear, of course, the more vocabulary you have will help. You can remember slowly how you can speak, because when you were little you heard a lot of other people talking with various words.

With so many things that you hear, you can imitate them accurately and cheaply from intonation to tone. Slowly but surely, a speech accent will be formed that you have as it is today. You can also see the various types of references you want, by listening to the same video regularly until you really master it.

Wherever you have the opportunity, you should do it as often as possible while taking the train or bus. You can also do it while traveling to a place, so that the time you have is not wasted along the way.

Looking for Models

You can also look for someone who can serve as a role model or a model. If you have a model, of course you can imitate how that person speaks and says words. You can watch the film or the interview session and listen carefully, such as the pronunciation, intonation and dialect of the words.

Also try not to forget to observe the mouth movements of the model, because when you speak English you can imagine it. You can also pretend to be someone else through the role model you have. The method is simple because you can imitate his uniqueness in speaking.

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How to Pronounce Effective English?

Say it out loud and pay attention to the structure of the tongue

Every day you can read English text aloud at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. According to research that has been done, it takes 3 months of practice to develop strong mouth muscles to be able to speak a new language.

You also have to pay attention to the structure of the tongue that you have, because there are difficulties in pronouncing l or r. Please note that the pronunciation of the letter L, the tongue must touch the back of the teeth and the palate of the gums, the way is to say the word light many times.

Meanwhile for the R pronunciation, you can put your tongue in the middle of your mouth and not touch the top of your mouth, the trick is to say right many times. It’s different with th, because you have to make sure the tongue comes out a little and is pushed between the upper and lower teeth, you can say think many times to practice it.

Find someone to talk to

You also have to find a suitable person to talk to or a friend who is better at learning English. If there is a good partner, the partner can easily correct what is correct and what needs to be corrected.

Record Your Voice and Listen

Recording your voice and listening to it is one way you can do it if you are embarrassed to say it for fear of being wrong. You can read an English passage as long as 1 paragraph and then record it. While listening, you can already make corrections whether there is an incorrect or inaccurate pronunciation.

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You can also do this like singing, this one when you are trying to memorize the lyrics of your favorite English song. Of course, you can practice this in this category, because listening to lots of English songs will really help.

In learning the correct intonation and rhythm, you must pay attention to it as you speak and slowly. If you do it too fast, then you can’t increase the pronounciation. There is an important thing that you must master, namely what you say and it is clear and understandable.

You can familiarize yourself with the phonetic symbols in a dictionary, if you feel confused about pronouncing certain words.

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