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The Benefits of Fairy Tales for Indonesian Children

The Benefits of Fairy Tales for Indonesian Children
Mei 15, 2023 laskarui
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The Benefits of Fairy Tales for Indonesian Children

Stories that are very important for a child’s childhood are fairy tales, because these stories are more than just bedtime. Fairy tales have the function of giving real moral lessons through the characters and virtues in the story.

What are the Benefits of Fairy Tales for Children Indonesia?

1. Instilling Values and Moral Development

One of the benefits of reading fairy tales is instilling values and moral development. If you want interesting impact without much diversion from the real world then fairy tales are the answer. In the fairy tale itself, there are lots of struggles between good and bad, and how everyone can have their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Support Sensory and Cognitive Development

Children who are used to reading or being read fairy tales will have good concentration and listening skills. A bright child usually has a strong memory and a very rich vocabulary. In fact, the child usually has a very good grasp of language to understand.

Stories in fairy tales can also penetrate deeper into the minds of children than adults themselves. Not only that, because usually these developments have a core that is very easy to understand. So that children can get a better understanding of the culture and society around them.

3. Empathy Training

You should even know that this fairy tale is also very adept at illustrating the importance of respecting all creatures and respecting physical diversity. In fact, fairy tales can also put everyone on the same pedestal in an egalitarian sense.

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A good idea for introducing animals as main characters is the fairy tale itself. Not only that, because fairy tales give them voices and emotions that are similar to humans. So that teaches children that humans really have to treat animals well and empathize with all creatures.

4. Growing Creativity and Improving Imagination

Fairy tales can also sow seeds of imagination that trigger a child’s ability to think more creatively. Curiosity also raises many questions and assumptions for children. In fact, Albert Einstein emphasized the creative benefits of telling fairy tales. This summary is a summary of the relevance of telling fairy tales because it is a good and proven way to improve problem solving skills.

5. Strengthening Social and Family Bonds

Fairy tales also describe the bond shared by two individuals at once. These depictions can help children to better understand the various bonds around them. One such bond is the bond of siblings, friends, parent-child, and others.

In the end, this makes the socialization process easier for them. Not only that, because telling fairy tales to children will significantly bridge the emotional gap between parents and children.

What are the benefits of reading fairy tales for the fetus?

1. Stimulation of Fetal Development

During pregnancy, mothers can read fairy tales while communicating with their fetus at the age of 7 months. If there is a reaction from the fetus itself, then the fetus can respond to the mother’s voice. Don’t forget to give gentle strokes on the surface of the stomach and keep reading and enjoying this condition. This activity is a bonding activity for mother and baby.

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Listening to the mother’s voice and making the mother always there for the fetus will give peace to the fetus itself. What’s more, this can be done in the stomach and the development of a 7-month-old fetus, so that the fetus can respond to all the stimulation that the mother gives.

2. Train Fetal Sensory Abilities

At 7 months of gestation, fetal development reaches a stage when the 5 senses don’t start to function very well. Because, his eyes will start blinking and his hearing will get better, even though it is faint. Reading fairy tales to babies is a way to train their sense of hearing.

Not only that, because reading fairy tales when the baby is still in the stomach will make it easier for children to recognize sounds and vocabulary when they grow up. It is hoped that when they grow up, the child will have a strong interest in reading because of the good habits of pregnant women

  Along with increasing age, the sensitivity of the fetus will continue to increase if the mother often reads fairy tales while in the stomach. This of course can be proven by research which adds that sensitivity will support a series of other positive traits.

Reading fairy tales while in the stomach can also activate the nerve nodes of the fetus, so that the fairy tales read by the mother are the same as exercising in the brain. The amount of information that the fetus gets makes the brain more active and the impact is an increase in the IQ of the fetus itself.

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When the mother reads fairy tales to the fetus, the mother’s voice will look like the sound of radio waves sending signals. This situation will improve spiritual and intellectual as well as build emotional intelligence. The fetus can also build imagination intelligence and form excellent mental resilience.

Pregnant women can do this with full sincerity so that the fetus can feel the vibrations of love. Mothers will also feel the benefits because they feel happy and comfortable while the fetus is in the stomach. Don’t forget to also choose reading books to read to the fetus, and choose educational readings so that they become good characters at birth.

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