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What Time Does School Start and End in Indonesia

What Time Does School Start and End in Indonesia
April 14, 2023 laskarui
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What Time Does School Start and End in Indonesia?

What Time Does School Start and End in Indonesia? This question is a question that invites many questions, because not all schools adhere to the same class hours. Because, this is determined based on the education system that has been in force for a long time.

What Time Does School Start and End in Indonesia?

Time Does School Start and End

As is well known, Indonesia itself starts the average study hour at 06.30 and ends at 13.00, although it does not include extracurricular or additional learning. In general, students with other levels also have a different number of study hours.

Students at other levels, such as elementary school level, only 5 hours, junior high school level is 6 hours, while high school level is 7 to 9 hours. Of course the study hours in Indonesia are different from other countries, such as Finland, Japan, Korea or even Russia. This is because it depends on the ministry of education which adheres to the number of study hours in each country.

The number of study hours in each country is often associated with the quality of education produced. This is the reason why research results appear, namely regarding the quality of education at the basic education level throughout the world, which is determined directly by a study institution.

The results of this education state that in fact there is no difference in the quality of education, which results from countries that have the shortest allocation of school hours. Comparison of school hours in each country is certainly different from school hours in Indonesia.

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Comparison of School Hours in Other Countries

1. Finland

Finland is a country that has the best education system. In fact, this fact has been recognized by the world. Finland is a country that is known to have the best education system. This certainly does not make students have a busy school schedule, because quite the opposite.

Countries that are known for their best education systems only set study time at school for 4 to 5 hours in 1 day. Students are given the opportunity to rest 15 to 30 minutes between lessons with the aim of focusing the brain optimally.

Of course it’s different for the high school level, because students only come during class hours according to the chosen class or specialization. This system is of course going well because it is supported by the Finnish people who prioritize education as a necessity.

2. China

The next country is China which is one of the competing countries in terms of education. Of course, parents can enroll their children in various courses so that they can enter a well-known school or university in their country. The average study time in Chinese schools is 6 to 7 hours a day, with homework in students’ school bags.

Even on Saturdays the children there have additional lessons such as English lessons or other tutoring. This kind of education system is not only implemented at the high school level. This is because the education system in China is implemented from the age of 6 and above or does not start school age.

3. Russia

Primary school students in Russia attend 470 hours of class in 1 school year. It’s the same as in Indonesia, because students in Russia also go to school 5 days a week even though study hours here start around 08.00 in the morning and end at 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

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Even though it has the shortest school hours compared to other countries. This situation does not make Russia a country with less learning. 99.7% of people aged 15 and over can read and write in Russia. Not only that, because holidays in Russia are quite long, because Russian students have a minimum of four months off.

4. Japan

Japan is a land of the rising sun which is included in the category of a developed country with rapidly developing technology. The education system in Japan generally starts from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm. With reference, every 1 hour of learning takes place, students will be given a 15-minute break to relax the brain and muscles so they can receive the next lesson.

After school in Japan, some students certainly take additional classes such as tutoring outside of school which are carried out independently or in groups. Mainly for students who want to take school entrance exams in order to remain competitive with other students. If you intend to study in Japan, then you must be prepared to join the education system in Japan.

5. South Korea

Especially for Korean drama connoisseurs, surely you are no stranger to the many students who still wear school uniforms and roam around at night. The facts depicted in Korean dramas are not much different from the reality in that country. This is because the average student in Korea starts studying at school at 08.00 in the morning until 10.00 at night.

Study hours in Korea include additional study or courses at institutions outside of school. In fact, on holidays they have to go to the library to do re-learning. Study time in Korea tends to be long because the education system in Korea is highly competitive.

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Korea adheres to the number one mindset that makes them work very hard to pursue learning. Of course, education policy is formed in such a way because it must be in accordance with the needs of the community and conditions in the field. When compared to the five countries above, study hours in Indonesia are neither too long nor too short.

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