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How Do You Prep For Online Courses

How Do You Prep For Online Courses
Februari 14, 2023 laskarui
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How Do You Prep For Online Courses

How do you prepare for online courses are activities that must be done to prepare for online courses even better. The presence of online courses has an important role in making traditional lesson plans even better.

The assumptions of traditional better learning are those that require the right decisions not to get out of hand. Through careful planning, online courses can be carried out by looking at patience and continuous practice. The lesson plan does take less time and is easily accomplished by most people.

How Do You Prep For Online Courses?

The thing that must be prepared when starting an online course is to identify the lesson goals and skills beforehand. This is done to break distance learning and ensure that lesson plans are indeed systematic and in accordance with the final results.

Identify Lesson Objectives

Learning objectives should be carefully outlined and thought out for students. The target must have a clear understanding of the lesson given, so the teacher must have a written teaching plan for their subject.

The plan in question is a plan that teachers do not have to give to students. Because, teachers can use it as a guide for them to ensure grafting material that is valued now for today.

E-learning courses may not meet with teachers every day because it is different from offline courses. Therefore, learning must have a clear path to progress so as not to be left behind by fellow students when teaching material.

Journeys can also be charted for students by being straightforward and precise when identifying lesson objectives. In addition to mapping the identification of lesson objectives, skills mapping is needed which measures learning mastery of existing topics.

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Use a Lesson Plan Template

When deciding to make e-learning material, there is no need to re-create it. Online places can be used to shorten learning potential. Places can be used to create clear and precise lesson plans. This is because teachers will create an e-learning environment that currently does not exist and is comfortable to live in.

Is Stimulation of Discussion Necessary in E-learning?

In teaching online, discussion is needed to explore the knowledge that has been gained. These activities can be carried out by teachers and students according to the themes discussed or given on that day.

Discussion requires someone who is critical and active to make it look more alive, so that continuous two-way communication is established. Stimulation of discussion is needed in e-learning activities so that students can be more advanced in the understanding provided.

In understanding learning patterns, it takes an understanding that takes a long time to understand. This is constrained by the quality of each student’s brain which tends to be different in capturing learning material. Therefore, exploration of deeper learning is needed by way of discussion.

If there are no signs of discussion, the teacher can stimulate discussion to his students. This stimulation can be done by preparing several questions directly in front of the students. This activity is considered effective, because it is not immediately learned and will look for answers asked.

Discussion Stimulus

Teachers can also create discussions by asking questions directly in front of students. A teacher who teaches e-learning cannot do lessons organically because they depend on existing class delivery methods.

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If the teacher does not present content directly, the teacher must find other ways to start discussions to make it more exciting and lively. Learning management systems can also be used as a delivery tool for dialogue between students.

This activity is a solution activity to do because it can create a series of discussions on the blackboard and ask students to participate. Responses must also be posted to the initial topic before they can continue so learning to understand the topic.

Teachers must also respond to at least two other students who then post reflections on comments made in the initial responses. This was done after learning to make posts according to the topic of the discussion that was told. The addition of an online discussion feature makes it easier for students to exchange ideas and communicate with each other.

Emphasizes Regular Communication

In advancing the e-learning environment or online courses, interactions are needed that do not occur in person and are still fun. Teachers may not see students every day and may not see students at all. However, being a good teacher requires regular communication with the lesson.

Having regular communication with students can help them learn to overcome difficulties. So that the teacher can provide the assistance needed by students. Meanwhile, teachers can request check-in or regular communication from students or parents through the learning management system.

Create Interesting Content

Interesting content is needed to liven up the atmosphere of the online course being conducted. PowerPoint presentations alone are not enough to convey e-learning lessons to all participating students. For this reason, teachers can use quizzes that test learning about the material they are studying at that time.

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Teachers can also liven up the class with interesting quizzes, so that learning will be happier participating in the class. Interesting quizzes will make e-learning livelier than usual, so that learning competencies are achieved in accordance with the existing vision and mission.

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