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The following tips to improve study concentration

The following tips to improve study concentration
Oktober 16, 2023 laskarui
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The following tips to improve study concentration.

Study concentration is also an important factor that can improve your achievement. However, some people often experience difficulty concentrating when studying, they generally find it difficult to focus their thoughts and attention while studying.

So, this condition often has an impact on the level of understanding of the material or lessons to be studied. The following are tips for increasing study concentration that you can try. By following these tips, you are guaranteed to improve concentration.

The following tips to improve study concentration.

Having poor concentration can disrupt the learning process and has the risk of decreasing academic abilities. Apart from training to make your mind more focused, you can also eliminate distractions and change your sleep patterns. For more details, here are tips to increase study concentration that you can try.

What are some tips for increasing study concentration?

1. Avoid Learning Distractions

There are lots of distractions around you that have the potential to distract you while studying. For example, interference from your smartphone ringing, notification sounds from social media, more exciting YouTube viewing, and so on.

So, try to distance yourself from disturbing factors like this. That way, you can concentrate fully on the material you are studying so that the subject matter can be understood optimally.

2. Make Study Preparations

Preparing several things when you start studying can also help speed up your learning process, for example preparing learning support facilities in the form of stationery or other learning support media.

You can also prepare food and soft drinks to accompany you while studying so you don’t have to worry if you feel thirsty or hungry. That way, you can concentrate more fully on studying.

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3. Create a Consistent Study Schedule

The next tip is to make a study schedule and then apply it consistently. That way, you will get used to studying at the specified time. However, make sure the study schedule fits your time. Make sure the time is in line with your good mood. Because a good mood can foster high enthusiasm and concentration in learning.

4. Do your favorite lessons first

You can prioritize subjects you like when studying. That way, you will be more enthusiastic about learning it. With high enthusiasm for learning, your concentration will automatically work more optimally so you can capture and understand lessons easily.

If necessary, motivate yourself to achieve maximum learning targets in the subjects you like in order to achieve even higher achievements. Such motivation can increase your enthusiasm and concentration, because you already have clear targets and goals for your learning process.

5. Choosing the Right Study Method

Everyone has different learning methods and habits. Determine the right study method to help you be enthusiastic while studying. With the right study method, you can have full concentration when studying so that you can capture and understand the subject matter at hand well.

6. Get enough and quality rest

Adequate rest also greatly influences your concentration in carrying out daily activities, including study activities. Try to get enough sleep at night, approximately 8 hours of sleep. With sufficient and quality sleep, you will be better prepared to do any activity the next day. You will also more easily understand the lesson material provided.

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Various Causes of Difficulty Concentrating on Studying

Understanding the various causes of difficulty concentrating can help you find out how to overcome it. The following are several things that can cause difficulty concentrating:

1. Multitasking habit

Doing several tasks simultaneously or multitasking can break your concentration. This is because the brain can and will only function better when it completes one task at a time. In fact, the habit of multitasking can make you less efficient and more likely to make mistakes when studying.

2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can also make it difficult to focus and concentrate during activities. Apart from that, you can also experience conditions such as being easily distracted, brain fog, and difficulty completing daily activities. However, this condition is something normal. You just need enough rest and try to sleep early to restore focus.

Consult a doctor if you have sleep problems, such as sleep apnea, or frequently wake up feeling restless, experience extreme mood swings, and attention disorders, such as difficulty focusing and an inability to stay awake.

3. Bored with assignments

Boring tasks can also make you easily distracted. To overcome this feeling of boredom, try to take a short break and do other enjoyable activities. For example, making warm tea or coffee or stretching.

4. Busy with gadgets

Gadgets can indeed make daily activities easier. However, excessive use will also have an impact on reducing cognitive abilities in solving problems. In the end, this can affect brain function and you will have difficulty concentrating on studying.

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5. The habit of overthinking

Overthinking or the habit of thinking too much about many things at one time can also affect focus or concentration. For example, thinking about the same problem over and over again or the worst event that will happen.

Apart from making it difficult to concentrate, overthinking can also increase feelings of anxiety, affect mental health, and cause insomnia.

Apart from that, stress can also cause difficulty focusing and concentrating. Stress or anxiety will compete with the cognitive centers in the brain, making it increasingly difficult for you to focus on these conditions.

5. Lack of Exercise

This sport plays an important role in your overall health, including your brain. Lack of exercise will also make it difficult to focus and concentrate on studying. One solution to consistently carrying out an exercise routine is to find an activity that we like and make us enthusiastic about doing it.

Above are some tips that you can do to increase your concentration in studying along with things that cause difficulty in concentrating on studying, hopefully they can help.

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