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Effective Learning Methods for Introverts and Loners

Effective Learning Methods for Introverts and Loners
Juni 12, 2024 laskarui
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A person who has an introverted nature is a personality who always wants to be alone or is more personally closed off from interacting with the outside world. This character has little group interaction and always avoids crowds. And introverts sometimes take longer to solve problems because they need time, such as doing assignments at school. But sometimes he is better at achieving understanding.

So what are effective learning methods for introverts and loners? To improve the quality of learning, one way is to adjust learning methods and our comfort and needs. Check out other methods below.

Effective Ways to Study for Introverts and Loners

1. Create a Calm Learning Environment

People who are introverts and loners usually feel disturbed by crowds and noise. Therefore, it is important to create a learning environment that is calm and free from distractions. Try to choose a quiet place, such as a library or bedroom, and make sure that unnecessary electronic devices are turned off so that your concentration is not disturbed.

2. Learn on my own

Studying alone has advantages such as being more cost-effective, flexible, and being able to choose your own learning atmosphere according to your wishes. Apart from that, studying alone can also hone your independence and get used to not depending on other people. However, the lack of a socialization process is a deficiency in self-learning. This will narrow the opportunity to exchange opinions that are beneficial for learning progress.

3. Study in Small Groups

Even if you are an introvert and loner, studying with friends will help you exchange ideas and socialize. You will also find different opinions from friends. Group study can also strengthen friendships so that they help each other and tolerate each other.

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To stay comfortable, you can study in a small group so that your concentration is maintained. Don’t forget, also consider the distance traveled because introverted people need energy after being tired all day at school.

4. Study with Introverted People Too

Studying alone sometimes makes you bored, lazy and less motivated. The way to overcome this is that you can invite friends who have the same personality to study together. By studying with them, you will be more comfortable and be able to absorb the material optimally. You can also exchange ideas without fear of your study partner feeling uncomfortable.

5. Study at Night

Everyone has their own study time that they feel most comfortable doing. Some people like to study during the day, night, even at dawn. If you are an introvert and loner, then try to prioritize study time at night. Generally, at night the conditions will be calmer and there will be fewer distractions, either from social media or the surrounding environment.

6. Take Private Tutoring

If you want to learn on your own but need the help of a teacher, then private lessons could be the right choice. With private tutoring, you can repeat the lessons learned at school to optimize understanding. Apart from that, the learning tempo will also be adjusted to your needs and abilities.

Apart from that, the study schedule is also more flexible because it can be arranged according to your wishes. By getting intensive guidance, you can concentrate more and can be monitored personally.

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7. Learning with the Help of Technology

If you find it difficult to attend face-to-face meetings or group discussions, try using technology to take part in online discussions or classes. Moreover, now there are many online learning platforms or webinar classes that can be attended for free or for a fee.

Characteristics of Introverts and Loners

1. Prefer to be alone

For some people, meeting or playing with friends is a way to refresh their minds. However, for introverts this is not the case. If they feel stressed or busy, they prefer to find a place to be alone. It is not uncommon for introverted people to have brilliant ideas when they are in a quiet atmosphere.

2. Process feelings internally

Extroverts easily show what’s on their minds through words or concrete actions. However, introverts, when they receive stimulation or stimuli, process it for a while before deciding what they will do. So it is not surprising that introverted and solitary people are identified as quiet students, even though in reality this is not always the case.

3. Likes writing

Introverted people usually prefer to convey what is in their heads through writing rather than words. This is because students who have introverted personalities generally like to be careful in expressing their opinions. Writing is a safer method for them to express their opinions compared to speaking directly.

4. Easy to lose concentration

Introverted people also don’t like crowded conditions, let alone noisy ones. Things like this are a distraction for introverted students.Students with this personality type can learn or work optimally if the atmosphere is supportive.

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5. Have few friends

With their tendency to like a quiet atmosphere and not liking too busy environments, introverted students rarely want to join large groups. Students like this are generally more comfortable with just a few people so they will appear to only hang out with the same people.

Those are some effective learning methods for people with introverted and loner personalities. By following several methods as above, you will not only learn in a fun way but also effectively.

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