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Understanding Epic Tales, Structure, Characteristics of Types & Examples in Indonesian Language Material for Grade VIII

Understanding Epic Tales, Structure, Characteristics of Types & Examples in Indonesian Language Material for Grade VIII
Februari 16, 2024 laskarui
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Understanding Epic Tales, Structure, Characteristics of Types & Examples in Indonesian Language Material for Grade VIII

When we were little, of course we were told and read by our parents about fairy tales. To understand more clearly. Check out the definition, structure, characteristics, types and examples below:

Understanding Fairy Tales

According to KBBI, a fairy tale is a story that did not really happen, especially strange events from ancient times. In general, fairy tales are created based on imagination or fantasy that contain educational value.

Fairy tales are also created and told over and over again until they become something that is passed down from generation to generation. Even though the truth is not clearly known, fairy tales are literary works that can build character in children’s imagination.

Fairy Tale Structure

Once you understand the meaning, this fairy tale also has a standard structure for each writing. Please note that this fairy tale itself consists of three parts, including:

Introduction: The introduction is the introductory part of a fairy tale. This section is usually created to briefly describe the contents of the fairy tale.

Event Content: Event content is the main and most important part of a fairy tale where the content describes events in sequence.

Conclusion: The ending is the final part of a fairy tale. In general, it contains a moral message and also closing remarks.

Characteristics of Fairy Tales

1. Distributed Orally

In ancient times, fairy tales were spread orally. Then, fairy tales became known after being spread by word of mouth through words and from generation to generation.

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2. Distributed Over a Long Time

People will understand the meaning of fairy tales and their contents because they have been spread for quite a long time, namely since the time of their ancestors. Because it was spread orally, this tale also reached the ears of listeners for quite a long time.

3. There are various versions

Because fairy tales are spread orally, it is not surprising that fairy tales appear in various versions.

4. Anonymous

The author or creator of this fairy tale is usually unknown. However, this fairy tale has always been known and popular in society, especially children.

5. Has a Pattern

The definition of a fairy tale generally has characteristics that have a patterned or formulaic form, for example clichés, standard opening and closing words.

6. Has a Function

The next characteristic of fairy tales is that they have a function. This fairy tale itself has a function and use in collective and social life as a tool for education, solace, social protest, and projection of hidden desires.

7. Has Pralogical or Logical Properties

The next characteristic of fairy tales is that they have their own prelogical or logical nature which is not in accordance with general logic or logic beyond human reason.

8. Has an innocent nature

Fairy tales generally have a plain and innocent nature. So it often seems rude and too spontaneous when the delivery is more in-depth. It is understandable this fairy tale itself is a projection of the most honest human emotions.

Undetailed Characterization

Fairy tales generally do not explain in detail the nature or characterization of a character.

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Types of Fairy Tales

1. Myth or Myth

Myth or myth is a type of fairy tale that describes things related to spirits, for example genies, devils, and others. Examples of this myth or myth itself are Joko Tarub, Nyi Roro Kidul, and others.

2. Sage

Sage is a type of fairy tale that tells the historical story of a certain character who has heroism, courage, supernatural powers and goodness. Examples of sage are Airlangga, Calon Arang, Ciung Wanara, and others.

3. Fable

Fables are a type of fairy tale that describes the life of animals where the animals can behave like humans. Examples of fables are the mouse deer and the crocodile, the ant and the grasshopper, and so on

4. Legend

Legends are a type of fairy tale that some local residents believe really happened but are not considered sacred. Examples of legends are Batu Menangis, Lutung Kasarung, Lake Toba, and others.

5. Parable

A parable is a type of fairy tale whose story contains educational value, whether it is moral or moral education, religion, and even education that is conveyed implicitly. An example of a parable is Malin Kundang.

Example of Malin Kundang’s fairy tale

This folklore comes from West Sumatra, namely Malin Kundang. Reporting from the book Dongeng Nusantara, a long time ago there lived a mother whose husband had long abandoned her and only lived with her only child, Malin Kundang, and they lived in poverty.

Malin Kundang grew up to be smart and brave, even though he was little naughty. When he grows up, Malin wants to find work overseas and return to his hometown when he become rich.

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Malin worked on the ship because he was diligent and liked to help, he became the captain of various merchant ships. Not only that, Malin also managed to propose to a king daughter. The news about Malin reached his mother’s ears and she went to dock hoping to meet her son.

One day, Malin ship arrived in his hometown and his mother hugged him to welcome him. However, who would have thought that Malin let go of his mother’s arms and pushed her until her mother fell. Malin felt embarrassed to see his mother who was old and wearing shabby clothes, pretending not to know her mother.

Even when his wife asked if she was his mother, Malin called his mother a beggar who claimed to be his mother to obtain his wealth. Malin’s mother saw that her arrogant son was very hurt.

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