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These are the 10 names of angels in Islam and their duties

These are the 10 names of angels in Islam and their duties
November 16, 2023 laskarui
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Asmaul Husna

These are the 10 names of angels in Islam and their duties

In Islam, there are many angels who are believed to be creatures created by Allah to carry out special tasks. Here are 10 famous angels and their duties as believed in Islam:

What are the names of angels in Islam and their duties?

Angel Gabriel

First, the Angel Gabriel had the task of conveying revelations to the Prophet SWT. Even the Angel Gabriel also has a task other than conveying revelations to the Prophet SWT, the task in question is to breathe the spirit into the fetus in the womb.

Archangel Michael

Angel Michael has the task of providing sustenance to living creatures on earth. Angel Michael is tasked with providing sustenance to every living creature on earth, not only humans, but also animals, plants and others.

Everyone will then receive their own sustenance through the Angel Michael. Not only in providing sustenance, with the permission of Allah SWT, Angel Michael is also tasked with regulating heat, rain and plants on earth.

Angel Israfil

Angel Israfil with the task of guarding and blowing the trumpet on the Day of Judgment. The trumpet itself is a type of trumpet that is quite large in size. When Allah SWT has ordered the Angel Israfil to blow the trumpet, then at that time the doomsday will come.

When doomsday arrives, all living creatures in this world will die. Then Allah SWT will revive Angel Israfil to blow the trumpet again when he blew the first trumpet. And when the second trumpet is blown, all living creatures are resurrected, so that at that time it is called the day of resurrection.

Angel Israel

The next angel that must be believed in is the Angel Izrail. His task is to take the lives of all living creatures in the world. Not a single creature will escape its fate to die when it is time.

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When a living creature dies, the Angel Izrail will come to the creature and take its life. Angel Izrail can also be said to be an angel whose name is quite well known among the names of other angels. Angel Izrail is an angel who is very obedient to Allah SWT’s commands, including taking the lives of Allah’s creatures.

Munkar Angel

Angel Munkar has the task of questioning people in the grave and doing various bad things. After a human’s life was taken by the Angel Izrail and he died, in the grave, he met the Angel Munkar who would question his faith and come to humans who often did bad things in his life.

In the Koran, the Angel Munkar is described as a scary figure who carries a sledgehammer as his weapon. He would then ask the human and if the human could not answer, the Angel Munkar would then hit the human’s head using his weapon until it shattered.

It doesn’t stop there, humans will then be resurrected again and asked the same questions. The angel Munkar will then strike his weapon if the human cannot answer, which will be done continuously until the day of judgment arrives.

Nakir Angel

Angel Nakir has the task of asking people in the grave who did good deeds. The opposite of Angel Munkar, Angel Nakir asks humans about their goodness.

As told in the Koran, Angel Nakir will have a friendly and pleasant face. It is also said that if a human being is visited by the Angel Nakir, then that person will enter God’s heaven.

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Raqib Angel

Angel Raqib, is tasked with recording various good deeds of humans while living on earth. As told in the Koran, this record of good deeds will then be made by the Angel Raqib who will later become a savior and a consideration for someone to enter heaven.

Angel Atid

Angel Atid is tasked with recording the bad deeds that humans have done while living on earth. The opposite of Angel Raqib, Angel Atid records all the bad deeds that humans do while they are still alive in the world. Even the slightest evil and evil do not escape Angel Atid’s records.

Angel Malik

The next angel is the ninth angel known as Angel Malik. The angel Malik has the task of guarding the gates of hell.

Angel Ridwan

The tenth angel is angel Ridwan who is tasked with guarding the gates of heaven. As explained in the Qur’an, heaven is a beautiful place and is a gift for humans who always believe in Allah SWT throughout their lives.

The Wisdom of Believing in Angels

Believers always learn lessons from what they believe. In terms of believing in angels, the following lessons can be learned:

  • Increase faith and devotion to Allah.
  • Always be careful in every word and action, because everything humans do cannot escape the observation of Allah SWT’s angels.
  • Increase awareness of the realm of existence that is not accessible to the five senses.
  • Increase gratitude to Allah SWT because through His angels, humans can obtain many gifts.
  • Increase enthusiasm and sincerity in worship.
  • Cultivate love for righteous deeds because angels are always ready to record human deeds.
  • Be more active in trying.
  • Believe in God’s help is a real thing.
  • Always be honest, trustworthy, and always do good.
  • Your faith within yourself will be much stronger and you will also believe in Allah SWT.
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