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Understanding Children’s Learning Styles

Understanding Children’s Learning Styles
Juli 17, 2023 laskarui
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Understanding Children’s Learning Styles: Adapting Teaching Methods to Enhance Understanding

Understanding Children’s Learning Styles: Adapting Teaching Methods to Enhance Understanding is a form of learning media that must be understood by educators. The upgrade of students’ knowledge about digital skills is influenced by the ever-evolving era.

Adapting Teaching Methods to Enhance Understanding

1. Visual Learning Style

Obstacles to learning media used during teaching and learning activities are not uncommon to be complaints of students. Even so, the government hopes that students and teachers are both struggling to continuously hone digital skills so that the learning process runs and is supported.

There are also a number of underlying complaints that studying from home is very boring, because many students can’t wait to start school soon. The existence of these complaints occurs because students feel bored in carrying out the learning process or are not interested in paying full attention to the material.

The boredom of students is also influenced by delivery methods that are less attractive or the media used is too old-fashioned and complicated. It is better to evaluate the learning process regarding the understanding of the material given to students and students’ interest in the material.

When it is related to the types of student learning styles, of course it is influenced by various learning styles under the online learning process. The existence of learning styles certainly shapes students to better understand all the learning material delivered by the teacher.

Visual learning style is one of the learning styles possessed by students to understand a learning material. Through a visual learning style, students can rely on sight or eyes to remember something. In other words, people with a visual learning style can easily memorize or remember something by just looking at it.

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One example is people who memorize very quickly just by reading or watching video shows. It is certain that these people are people who have a visual learning style. If there are students with a visual learning style, they can be directed to often read books or watch learning videos. Videos or images are media that can be used to help students with a visual learning style understand something.

2. Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learning style is a learning style that relies on the sense of hearing to remember something. In accordance with the auditory learning style, of course you can memorize or remember something by just hearing it. In general, people with an auditory style have a very sharp hearing ability.

Students with an auditory learning style easily memorize or remember what they hear compared to what they see. If the teacher has students with an auditory learning style, then the teacher can direct students to increase discussions with friends or parents to explore the material of a discussion.

Those with an auditory learning style can listen to learning videos or record video conferences when the teacher explains so they can be heard again. This learning method can be applied to students with an auditory learning style because making learning videos accompanied by explanations can increase the understanding of these students.

What learning styles do students who can’t stay still in class have?

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic learning style is a learning style that relies on motion to remember what is explained. People with an aesthetic learning style certainly can’t memorize or remember something if it doesn’t move. Moving here means moving the body or the whole body of the presenter. Students who are always noisy in class and cannot keep quiet generally have a kinesthetic learning style.

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People who have a kinesthetic learning style can easily memorize or remember when memorizing while going back and forth. They can also memorize something if it has been rewritten or move their hands and talk to themselves in the mirror. Kinesthetic people are also synonymous with students who are good at arts or sports.

The proper handling of the learning process for kinesthetic students is practicing something like science learning which can be directly observed in the laboratory. Observational learning in the laboratory is learning that can be done by students with kinesthetic learning methods. In this learning process, teachers can easily use tools such as visual aids in explaining a material.

Students certainly have different learning styles from the three existing learning styles. Of course, there are easy ways so that teachers can easily convey material more optimally to all students with various learning styles. With these differences, it is hoped that the teacher can collaborate on appropriate learning methods and prepare material in the form of an illustrated video containing sound explanations about the material.

The existence of distance learning allows educators to take advantage of media, especially digital-based media which is loved by millennial generation children. The use of digital media certainly makes it easier for every student with different learning styles to absorb the same knowledge at the same time. This situation can also be a springboard to guide students to the gate of success which is a challenge before plunging into the battlefield.

The three types of student learning styles should have different handling or learning processes. Although of course, there is nothing wrong with educators collaborating on these three learning styles even though they are a bit difficult to understand.

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