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How Long is the School Year in Indonesia

How Long is the School Year in Indonesia
April 14, 2023 laskarui
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How Long is the School Year in Indonesia?

How long is the school year in Indonesia is a question that is often used as a reference for viewing national holidays. Of course, the school schedule is determined directly from the center, because it could be earlier or later than previously estimated.

How long is the school year in Indonesia?

Length of the School Year

The academic year has a length of about one year, because students must pass two semesters first. These semesters are odd and even semesters in the 2022/2023 school year, of course these activities can be done after enjoying vacation time at the end of the odd semester.

The new school year 2023 will certainly start with the same month as the new school year 2022. The new school year will start in July 2023, although the first day of school in the new school year can vary from one region to another.

A small example is in the province of East Java which started on July 18 2022 last year. Of course it is different from other regions or provinces which start the new school year on July 11. The difference in the start date of school entry in the academic year is closely related to the educational calendar adapted to that area.

There are many reasons that make sense and underlie the change in policy for the new school year. The reason for starting school in July is so as not to complicate the education budget plan. The new school year which started in January as in previous years was too close to the schedule for closing the budget book which was carried out at the end of the year.

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The schedule for the start of the new academic year had to be changed so that it could adjust to other activities. So that July was chosen, which is the middle month of the year so that the education budget can still be done without many problems.

The new school year must also start in the middle of the year, not the beginning of the year, because the new school year must start after school children have a summer vacation. The reason why Indonesia adjusts the academic year abroad is when children continue their education abroad so that it can be made easier.

The next consideration for the Ministry of Education to replace the new school year is related to the rainy season which occurs in December.

Holidays carried out by children in December prevent children from enjoying their vacation time to the fullest. So the Ministry of Education then changed the time of the new school year to July. Even though the length of the new teaching period remains the same as in previous years because it is only 6 months per semester.

What to Prepare for the School Year?

1. Learning Support Equipment

There are lots of things that must be prepared for the school year such as learning support equipment. You should not be too hasty if you only prepare books and stationery. Because, in the last 2 years there have been a lot of learning tools that have increased in variety.

When school is back to normal, there’s nothing wrong with making sure laptops and gadgets are ready to be used for learning.

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2. Read Textbooks

Going to a new class certainly makes you meet lots of new subjects. So you can read textbooks or modules for new classes. Some of these modules are usually adjusted to the major you choose in the future.

3. Changing Routines

During study from home and holidays, of course you can still relax at hours like 07.00. Of course it’s different when school is back to normal because at 7 o’clock you have to sit in class to do learning activities. You can change your morning routine from now on so you don’t get disciplined on the first day you enter.

4. Completeness of Uniforms

When starting a new school year, of course you have to wear a new uniform. But if you haven’t entered school yet, you must prepare uniforms such as hats, ties, belts, socks, tracksuits, and shoes. If any part of the uniform gets scattered somewhere during online learning, then there is still time to look for it or buy it again.

5. New Additional Equipment

New additional equipment such as hand sanitizers and masks are an integral part every time you step out of the house. So, you can provide it when school is back to normal later. You have to stock up on several bottles of hand sanitizer and prepare supplies of masks in your bag.

6. Things Prepared By The Teacher

Certainly not only students who need preparation for the new school year, because teachers must also need this preparation. Entering the semester, keeping teachers busy at the same time when students are on vacation.

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Ladies and gentlemen teachers can monitor health protocols in schools such as using masks and maintaining distance. These activities can be done for the sake of shared health, either in washing hands or doing other activities.

Teachers must also learn the latest curriculum before the current school year begins. Ladies and gentlemen teachers can learn some of the latest curricula provided by the ministry of education. In addition, teachers can also add new skills during learning because there are many changes in the use of learning tools.

In order for teaching and learning activities to run much smoother, teachers can learn how to use technology and educational applications. Ladies and gentlemen, teachers can also deepen the new subject matter that will be taught during the class later.

Ladies and gentlemen teachers can also reflect and evaluate teaching and learning activities from the previous 2nd semester. As we already know, it’s not just students who are busy preparing and learning for the new school year, especially when school starts normally again next semester.

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