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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Distance Learning

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Distance Learning
November 22, 2022 laskarui
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The advantage and disadvantage of distance learning is an activity that has been carried out since the pandemic period due to the panmdemic. Until students and students have to study online at home, the goal is to prevent the spread of disease from suppressing many victims.

What are the advantages of distance learning?

Learning online or online that is done at home is considered safer, this happens because students will not crowd at school. So that the transmission and spread of the COVID-19 virus does not occur, and students will feel safe studying at home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the application of digital technology to the world of education faster. Because, there has been an online learning system or distance learning that students do from home. The online or online learning system has several advantages as follows:

Flexible and Easy

Online learning is not like learning in a classroom with a set schedule. Online learning is not like the previous one, which has the same set of entry and exit hours. With online, one does not have to wear a uniform so it is considered more flexible.

Although sometimes there are several learning schedules with the teacher via video or zoom, in which these activities only last for a short time. A student can easily study anywhere without place restrictions.

Even in an emergency, students can easily ask for permission not to wear a uniform during online classes. One example is when the student has a certain disease or is sick.

Distance learning or online has easy access that everyone should understand. As we all know, the internet does remove the boundaries that exist between humans, thus making everything easier to reach.

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Likewise with online learning from home which makes it easier for students to access material or whatever they want to learn later. Students only need to use a cellphone or laptop and an adequate internet connection, so students can easily learn the material that has been given by the teacher.

The reason why distance learning is flexible is because the interaction between teacher and students is more practical. So that teachers and students do not have to travel far to meet and meet face to face. Learning does not require a classroom as a place for formal learning, because the teaching and learning process can be carried out directly anywhere.

The absence of classrooms makes online learning more conducive so that there is no need for extras such as having to dress neatly.

Appropriate Approach

Online learning using a technological approach that is suitable for today’s students is certainly very necessary compared to conservative methods of learning in the classroom. The delivery method used in online classes is generally a combination of formal and informal.

As a student, it is certainly easier for you to understand something that is conveyed in a way that suits you. In addition, online learning makes the learning experience more enjoyable.

This learning is more fun because in practice, the teacher has released learning items in the classroom such as markers and blackboards. As a student you get more interesting teaching in various Media formats, such as photos or videos.

Some online learning techniques may use material that is one-way. However, please note that many provide two-way communication, so that it really connects students and teachers at one time for interaction.

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Can Repeat Material

Online learning or distance learning makes students more comfortable studying. If in the classroom the teacher will deliver the material only during the lesson, it is different from online learning.

For those of you who may not understand or are left behind when taking notes, then you can repeat it by repeating the recording. You can also repeat the material that has been given at any time until you really understand it, because digital records will not just disappear.

What are disadvantages of distance learning?

In fact, online learning is termed distance learning or distance learning. In its activities, this learning has advantages and cannot be separated from its shortcomings. Online learning or e-learning uses a technology base and it is recognized that it has not touched all students and students throughout Indonesia.

This activity occurs because of limitations in the implementation of online learning, which is a weakness or deficiency. Human life will be difficult to separate from existing technology based on the internet, it cannot be denied by anyone.

Need Parental Role

The online learning system is usually done from home, of course it requires parental supervision and guidance as a substitute for teachers at school. Even though in reality, not all students have parents who play an active role in distance learning.

Parents who do not play an active role have certain reasons, one of which is because of busy work or other things. In the absence of parental supervision, it is feared that students will not be able to learn optimally. So that it will interfere with online learning activities that have been implemented.

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Restricted Internet Access

The disadvantage of distance learning is that internet access tends to be limited. Especially for those who live in rural areas or other remote areas. Limited internet access is certainly not experienced by students who live in urban areas, because internet access is not a problem.

In rural areas, internet access tends to be very difficult to reach and difficult to obtain so that it interferes with the learning process. The difficulty of internet access is caused by the limited network or the ability to buy quota, so that makes online learning ineffective

Lack of Interaction Between Teachers and Friends

It should be noted that for too long learning online from home causes the potential for children to have difficulty interacting. Children’s ability to interact socially, especially with teachers and friends at school, will decrease drastically.

Especially in the delivery of material in distance learning, it is often only preferred in one direction so that students do not have the opportunity to ask questions. It is also easy for students not to understand if the material is only delivered using a one-way method.

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