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Definition of Qada and Qadar, Differences, Evidence, and Examples

Definition of Qada and Qadar, Differences, Evidence, and Examples
November 17, 2023 laskarui
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For those of you who want to grow and increase your self confidence in the existence of Qada and Qadar. You must first understand the meaning of Qada and Qadar. Because both have their own similarities and differences. Then, examples of qada, and qadar. And there is evidence to believe in qada, and Qadar.

What is Qada and Qadar?

It cannot be denied that Qada and Qadar may sound the same, but they actually contain very different meanings. Before knowing the difference between Qada and Qadar, it is better to first understand the meaning of Qada and Qadar. Then, how is the discussion? Come on, understand the meaning of Qada, and Qadar as below.

Understanding Qada

According to terminology, the word Qada can be interpreted as a decree of Allah SWT since the time of eternity or also interpreted as all things that will happen someday in the future, and are related to creatures created by Allah SWT. Meanwhile, according to language, Qadar is defined as a decree, command, notification, law, creation, and will.

Qada will cover all things good or bad, life and death, and many other things. Qada comes after Qadar. Qada can still be changed through effort, trust, and serious effort to get results according to what you want.

As stated in the holy book of Allah SWT, no one can change the fate of a people, unless they themselves change it themselves. So, Qada is a decree of Allah SWT that has occurred or been decided by Allah SWT.

Understanding Qadar

According to the term, the word Qadar can be interpreted as a form of embodiment of Allah SWT’s decree or Qadha regarding everything related to his creatures who have existed since in the womb. Meanwhile, based on language, the word Qadar is interpreted as a rule, or certainty, as well as measure.

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Qadar can include fate that has happened, is happening, or will happen in the future. Even this Qadar will not be changed whatever happens. Because Qadar has been written in Lauhul Mahfudz since you were still in the womb. For example, soul mates, death, and so on.

No one of Allah SWT creatures can know about everything that Allah SWT has determined in Lauhul Mahfudz, which can no longer be changed. So, Qadar is a decree of Allah SWT that has not yet happened.

Difference between Qada and Qadar

Here are some differences between Qada and Qadar that you need to know, namely:

Based on its definition, qada is a provision of Allah SWT with everything being the will of Allah SWT. Meanwhile, Qadar is a manifestation of the provisions and will or measure of Allah with everything.

Based on its provisions, qada is destiny that can still be changed by creatures by making efforts. Meanwhile, qadar is a provision of Allah SWT that cannot be changed.

If you look at the example of Qada, when someone wants to get abundant sustenance and blessing, they must try to learn energy accompanied by prayer and effort.

Propositions Mentioning Qada and Qadar

The issue of Qada and Qadar is explained in the Koran and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassalam. The following are various arguments regarding the existence of Qada and Qadar in Islam:

  1. Surah At Taubah verse 51
  1. Say, sometimes it doesn’t happen to us, but what Allah has ordained for you. He is our protector and only in Allah do believers need to put their trust.”
  2. Surah Al Qamar verse 49
  3. “Indeed we create all things according to measure.”
  4. Surah An Nahl verse 61
  5. “So when the time or which has been determined for them has arrived, they cannot postpone it for a moment or even prioritize it.”
  6. 4. Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad
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The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam said: “Allah has determined the fate of his creatures fifty thousand years before creating the heavens and the earth.” (HR. Muslim).

Examples of Qada and Qadar

What are some examples of Qada and Qadar in our daily life? Check out the explanation below:

Birth and Death

Qada and Qadar are related to the process of birth and death. Everyone is born in time, place and family also determined by God. Likewise, the time and manner of a person’s death is also part of His destiny and provisions.

Health and Disease

Health and disease are also examples of Qada and Qadar. A person can experience good or bad health conditions as part of God’s destiny. The illness or injury suffered by a person is part of His test and destiny, while healing or recovery is also His grace.

Fortune and Luck

Qada and Qadar are also related to a person’s sustenance and luck. Everything we get in life, such as work, income and possessions, is part of God’s destiny. Sometimes a person can experience unexpected changes in financial circumstances or luck, which are also part of God’s destiny and provisions.

Natural Events and Disasters

Natural events such as earthquakes, floods or storms are also part of Qada and Qadar. Such events are not only natural phenomena, but are also part of God’s destiny which tests and teaches humans about their dependence on Him.

That’s a complete discussion about Qada and Qadar, starting from the meaning, differences, arguments and examples of Qada and Qadar in our daily lives. Hopefully this discussion will be useful.

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