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Why is Homeschooling Better

Why is Homeschooling Better
Maret 13, 2023 laskarui
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The difference is very clear in the person in charge of homeschooling education. The school is responsible for the implementation of the educational process in formal education. Whereas in homeschooling, the person in charge is the parent who ensures that their child gets an education according to their peers.

Homeschooling is a school that is directly supervised by parents, starting from the process of planning, implementing to evaluating the implementation of education, everything is done by parents. The education system for school-age children is an education system that is to be achieved, so it must be ensured properly.

Why is Homeschooling Better?

Why homeschooling is better is a condition that is often taken into consideration by parents in Indonesia. The similarities and differences between homeschooling and formal schools are clearly visible from the learning process and the provision of material.

The process of learning and providing material in formal schools and homeschooling is clearly visible. Because, a teacher will focus on one student who receives homeschooling education rather than formal or general education that is held.

Why Homeschooling is better?

Homeschooling is identical education held at home because it is included in the organizing institution which makes the learning process not only carried out at home. As education that was born after formal education, homeschooling answers the various deficiencies of formal education.

Plus Minus Homeschooling

Homeschooling has pluses and minuses that must be understood by someone considering this education. Homeschooling can be seen from how children can focus more on receiving education, because children’s potential and interests can be more optimally developed.

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A child will know what he wants in the future, therefore parents must understand how to make that child’s wish come true. Parents can also more optimally build emotional relationships with children. So that the quality of relationships in the family can be maintained properly.

The negative influence of the environment that is often experienced by children who attend formal schools is indeed a consideration. From bullying to drugs and free sex, which can be minimized because children are under the full supervision of their parents.

The variety of positive things that are felt by children makes many people conclude that homeschooling is more effective than formal schools. This is true because the home screen is very effective for developing the potential and interests of children’s talents.

Homeschooling is also effective in terms of study time, because if a child attends a formal school it takes 12 years to graduate and is considered to have educational provisions. Of course it’s different from homeschooling which can be more concise, because it can be half of that time or even shorter.

The practice of organizing home schooling is not as easy as the theory of this education. Parents must have extra abilities in educating, much more free time and the availability of financial funds in large enough quantities.

When this can be prepared, then don’t hesitate to choose home schooling education for children. Homeschooling can be held by asking for help from professional homeschooling organizers who are now mushrooming in society.

What is the Homeschool Education System Like?

Homeschooling is a method of teaching and learning that can be tried at home because it is considered to have advantages compared to formal schools. Homeschooling has many drawbacks, therefore it can be considered properly before requesting this procedure.

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In the procedure for homeschooling education, parents can determine for themselves a teaching system that is appropriate and matches the child’s expertise and attention. Parents are generally fully responsible for the child’s learning process, by bringing the teacher to the house.

1. Education system

In general, official schools use standards adjusted by school institutions and the national ministry of learning. Of course it is inversely proportional to homeschooling which is more effective than formal schools. Homeschooling is aimed at children who have a need to increase the potential that exists in children.

2. Learning Facilities

Official schools certainly have complete facilities and can be said to be sufficient for the growth and development of children. Both in the laboratory or field section for sports and other supporting facilities. Certainly different from the homeschooling model which prefers the facilities at home.

The infrastructure in homeschooling depends on the completeness of the house itself. This is why homeschooling is more effective than formal schools, because the difference lies in the means of learning.

3. Curriculum

Please note, that official schools have a strict curriculum because they have been designed by school institutions and the ministry of learning. Certainly different from homeschooling which is considered more efficient than formal schools because it has a flexible curriculum.

The existence of a flexible curriculum can of course be adjusted to the talents and attention of the child himself. In addition to the curriculum, homeschooling is also based on the learning area. This is because children will go through the teaching and learning process in an area or atmosphere that is quite conducive, not to mention at school where various facilities have been provided.

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Homeschooling is more efficient because children can focus more on getting the learning provided by the teacher. Thus, children can be fully controlled over the learning area, although occasionally they can go to the agreed place.

Most parents include their children in homeschooling because they feel that the school environment is very risky for their children. By implementing a homeschooling learning system, parents can minimize learning obstacles and provide time for children to socialize after class is over.

4. Child Social Growth

Homeschooling is considered efficient compared to studying in official schools because it can minimize children’s association with children. So that children will avoid promiscuity, and children’s behavior will be maintained in accordance with the education of their parents.

When children meet a lot of people, of course, children will learn to deal with various changes in social skills. So that children are more independent and learn to respect other people, and children can grow well when doing that.

Children can further develop their talents with homeschooling activities, because each child has different talents and attention to digesting data.

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