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Understanding Effective Sentences, Characteristics, Examples & Their Use in Thematic Material for Grade 3 Elementary School

Understanding Effective Sentences, Characteristics, Examples & Their Use in Thematic Material for Grade 3 Elementary School
Februari 16, 2024 laskarui
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Understanding Effective Sentences, Characteristics, Examples & Their Use in Thematic Material for Grade 3 Elementary School

In some conditions, sentences must be written at length. However, in other conditions it is recommended to maximize the use of effective sentences. So, do you know the meaning of an effective sentence? Check out the discussion below.

Understanding Effective Sentences

An effective sentence is basically a sentence that has a structure and meaning so that it can be understood by other people more easily. Effective sentences themselves can be delivered in oral or written form. This sentence is generally very useful when you want to interact or write something.

To use effective sentences, you are required to be able to provide guarantees regarding the clarity of the information conveyed, both from the writer to the reader and from the speaker to the listener. This is because effective sentences can make someone understand information more easily.

In his work entitled Sentence, Sry Satriya Tjatur Wisnu Sasangka says that an effective sentence is defined as a sentence that can be used to express ideas according to the wishes of a writer or speaker.

One of the main goals of someone who conveys sentences effectively is that the message can be conveyed directly and can be understood by the recipients of the message with the same understanding of the meaning.

Meanwhile, a sentence can be said to be effective or ineffective when the ideas in the sentence can be understood easily and clearly by the reader or listener. This is because the writer or speaker usually includes an idea in a sentence.

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Characteristics of Effective Sentences

1. Has an Appropriate Structure

An effective sentence is a sentence that must have a commensurate arrangement or structure. This equivalent structure is defined as the presence of a clear subject and predicate in one sentence. In this way, the ideas or information conveyed by the writer or speaker can be conveyed correctly.

This equivalent sentence structure has several conditions to be an effective sentence. In effective sentences it is not permitted to use double subjects, not to use connecting words, to use clear subjects and predicates, and not to use the word ‘yang’ in front of the predicate.

2. Has a Parallel Form

Another characteristic is that it does not have a parallel or parallel shape. This means that when one sentence has the first form of a noun, then the next sentence must have the same form. This method also applies to types of sentences that have verb forms or other types of words.

3. Have Economical Words

Effective sentences must also have economical words. This economical wording must be composed without using many unnecessary words, phrases or other forms. This economical sentence can be formed by omitting the subject, avoiding synonyms in one sentence, and paying attention to the plural words used.

4. Accuracy of Reasoning

Effective sentences also need to be made by paying attention to the reasoning of the word order made. This careful reasoning can be useful for preventing double meanings when reading sentences. So make sure to use words whose meaning can be understood and adapt them to the type of sentence.

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5. Logicity of Language

Apart from reasoning, effective sentences also need to be made with logical language. The logic of language is understood as the ideas that exist in a sentence and can be accepted with common sense.

Using standard spelling and language rules

Writing effective sentences must also be in accordance with standard spelling and language rules. You can use PUEBI or KBBI.

Examples and How to Use Effective Sentences

Sentence structure is also strictly regulated, in Indonesian there is a SPOK formula. This formula builds a good, correct and effective Indonesian sentence structure. However, not all sentence elements are mandatory, so there is no need to be surprised that there are short sentences that only contain a subject and predicate, for example:

  • I love you.
  • Mom is exhausted.
  • Anita cooks.

These short sentences are composed of a subject and a predicate, and are easy to understand. This means that this sentence meets the various requirements for an effective sentence explained above. However, it needs to be acknowledged that short sentences seem stiff and are not suitable for placement in certain types of writing.

So the arrangement needs to be equipped with objects and information. Here’s an example:

Mother (subject) shops (predicate) for vegetables and chicken (object) at the market (adverb).

Anita (subject) pedaled (predicate) the bicycle (object) very fast (adverb).

Examples of Effective and Ineffective Sentences

Effective sentence: Surabaya is one of the big cities in Indonesia

Ineffective sentence: Surabaya is a big city in Indonesia.

Effective sentence: For the sake of her children, Mrs. Ika is willing to work day and night.

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Ineffective sentence: For the sake of her children, Mrs. Ika is willing to work day and night.

Effective sentence: There is a lot of fruit in Mr. Haji Rahmat’s garden.

Ineffective sentence: There are many kinds of fruit in Mr Haji Rahmat’s garden.

Effective sentence: Durian fruit tastes sweet and very delicious.

Ineffective sentence: Eating sweet durian fruit feels really good.

Effective sentence: Anita is known to be very beautiful so many people like her.

Ineffective sentence: Anita is so beautiful that many people like her.

Effective sentence: The painting displayed in the living room looks beautiful.

Ineffective sentence: The paintings on display look beautiful.

Effective sentence: Siska is the smartest child in class X.

Ineffective sentence: Siska is the smartest child in class X.

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