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Benefits of Fairy Tales for Children

Benefits of Fairy Tales for Children
Agustus 21, 2023 laskarui
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Benefits of Fairy Tales for Children

There are many benefits of fairy tales for children, one of which is cultivating the habit of reading in children. The habit of reading is not easy to develop, because it requires a lot of effort.

6 Benefits of Fairy Tales for Children

1. Reading Habits Grow and Develop

Children will usually imitate the habits of their parents, therefore tomorrow reading is exemplified by parents so that it can be transmitted to children. Finding the child’s reading intent may of course affect the child’s own way of thinking.

Children will certainly learn how to think as broadly as possible, especially to find a solution to an existing problem. If you include the child to provide solutions or problems in the fairy tale, then the child will learn to solve the problems contained in it.

Problems solved by children in fairy tales allow children to think more creatively and develop so they think outside the box. These thoughts are thoughts that are very necessary to make children smarter and more creative.

2. Enriching Children’s Vocabulary

Enriching vocabulary is one of the benefits of bedtime stories given to children. Reading fairy tales can enrich children’s vocabulary because children have strength in their vocabulary.

With the large vocabulary that children have, it makes children appear more confident in certain activities, especially in class. Children who have strength in vocabulary will have a different picture of the culture or customs as their background.

Children can also easily learn about other cultures through the fairy tales themselves. From a fairy tale, it certainly consists of keywords that are written repeatedly, so that these words will add to the child’s memory of new vocabulary.

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3. Character building

Fairy tales have an important role especially in providing an overview of children’s fears and dreams in real life through their fantasies. Related values are good or bad values so that they are represented by the characters in fairy tales.

Stories in fairy tales also show the consequences of each choice that will be taken. Mainly in discussing with children about these values which can be easily explained through fairy tales. A fairy tale will ideally tell about the values of honesty and humility as well as the strong value of friendship.

The values of honesty contained in fairy tales will make children recognize the consequences of every action they take. The consequences of these actions will certainly be carefully thought out when the child wants to make a mistake later.

4. Helping Children in their Growth Period

There are lots of fairy tales that tell about the struggles of the characters in the story itself. One of them is the fairy tale Snow White who runs away from her father’s palace to save herself from her stepmother. These fairy tales are fairy tales that benefit children and have a happy ending for the main character.

The thing that needs attention is about the struggle and process of the characters to get happiness in the child. Of course, children can learn about the value of struggle through fairy tales told by their parents. The tale certainly shows that the process of achieving something you want is not easy to achieve. Because, it requires a lot of struggle when you want to achieve something yourself.

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5. Train Critical Thinking Ability and Imagination Power

Children certainly have a very great sense of curiosity in all the activities carried out. This is because children do not only listen to fairy tales that are read because they also think about the storyline contained in them. The combination of pictures and story writing in a fairy tale book will help to develop children’s imagination.

The benefits of fairy tales for children can certainly stimulate various types of company and curiosity as well as the search for the meaning of stories without limits. Fairy tales also not only foster curiosity because they also build relationships between readers and listeners of the fairy tales themselves.

6. Helps Recognize Emotions

Emotion recognition will be easier to recognize when a child is reading a fairy tale, one of which is happy emotion or disappointed emotion. That way, it will be much easier for children to understand emotions by learning to express the feelings inside. So that it is easier for children to express their emotions with more appropriate expressions.

Can Fairy Tales Relieve Stress?

Relieve Stress

Stress does not only occur in adults, because children can feel stress too. One way to relieve stress is to read fairy tales that can entertain your child. So that it is easier for children to play in their imagination and all kinds of negative feelings they feel will decrease instantly.

Not only improving verbal skills by increasing vocabulary, because fairy tales can also train children’s hearing. When reading fairy tales children will pay attention and listen carefully. This listening process is a process that trains children to be good listeners and solve a problem by listening.

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The benefits of reading fairy tales to children before bed are certainly very suitable to do. Of course as parents have a dream to provide the best for their children, including in terms of education. Providing full support in the learning process can also be done by providing the widest possible access to knowledge.

Access to knowledge as widely as possible makes children able to think critically and have potential that is continuously honed in learning to read.

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